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Perfectly Posh New Fall/Winter 17 Products

My beauty junkies,

I’m back with an exciting new post and full of awesome goodness…if I say so myself. Since I’ve joined Perfectly Posh back in March, I knew I made the best decision for myself and family. I’ve done direct sales in the past with MK, Avon, and Motives…yet this is definitely the best business and company that I can be apart of.

I instantly fell in love with the products and couldn’t see myself without them. After my introduction to the fabulous world of posh… I received a bunch of samples and the one that stolen my heart  was Beach Blanket, it was one of our summer best-sellers, now it’s on the retired list… summer is over😢

This is another transitional season and you need all your essentials to transfer from warm weather to cold weather. Like what woman doesn’t love to pamper herself and smell deliciously amazing… I personally don’t know of any lol…that hat we are… pampering at it’s finest. Let’s talk posh and check out a few of our newest products… I ordered just a few and more is on it’s way.

MILKING IT GOAT’S MILK AND HONEY CHUNK Soothe even the most sensitive skin with this moisturizing, coconut-ups  cleansing bar  filled with  rejuvenating goat’s milk, humectant honey,  and calming oats, scented with a swirl of sweet and citrus.

Fragrance: hearty oatmeal with a swirl of sweet milk, citrus and honey.

BRING ON THE BUBBLY LIP OIL keep your lips quenched with this blend of rich, naturally based oils including jojoba, rice bran, macadamia, avocado, and tsubaki, with a sparkling champagne and ginger flavor. 

Flavor: sparkling champagne and ginger

DAZE A VOUS SKIN STICK rich hemp oil works wonders on dry, dehydrated skin in  bed triple butter base of mango, cocoa, and Shea for lasting moisture that promotes a youthful, supple complexion, scented with floral,zero Amber, and,  citrus. Glides over dry areas as needed. 

Fragrance: Floral amber citrus

HOT AND GOLD FIRMING FACE MASK firm and restore aging skin with colloidal gold, peridot, and caffeine while glycerin and panthenol–a form of vitamin B5 –lock in hydration for a radiant complexion, scented with luxe florals, and velvety moss. Apply to clean face, avoiding eye area. Let sit for 15–20 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

Fragrance: florals, our, and velvety moss

BFYHC THAT’S SO COSMO I love our Big Fat Yummy Hand Crémes. The way these hand creams feels you wouldn’t want any other kind of hand creams. Dry feeling hands deserve a dose of delicious, decadent moisture. With it’s blend of naturally based and quick-absorbing ingredients, like apricot kernel and coconut oils, plus vitamin E, and aloe vera, That’s So Cosmo BFYHC leaves hands feeling soft and smooth without feeling gross and greasy. With a spicy mandarin and jasmine scent.

Fragrance: spicy mandarin, and jasmine

CALL ME BOUGIE PERFUME CRAYON this easy to use, no mess perfume crayon features a concentrated, bergamot, Berry, and floral Amber scent, moisturizing shea and cocoa butters, and soothing sweet almond oil for long-lasting fragrance that feels and smells amazing.

Fragrance: rich bergamot, Berry floral amber

These are just a few teasers of the new products and more on the way. If you’re not super excited about these products…then I can’t help you…posh has so much going on right now, that it’s hard to keep all the excitement to myself. 

Please share your thoughts on this post… I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

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