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The Posh Summer Store

Good Morning Beauties,

I wanna share my love for a company that I happened to work for, well, started a business with. This Perfectly Posh never ceases to amaze me with ever product that we have released from Spring/Summer to our new Fall/Winter line. I’ll get into the fall/winter line later.

Our Spring/Summer line brought fourth some really amazing new products for the transitional period. And I could’ve been more happier.

Stay cool with fresh summer products designed to beat the heat with hydrating aloe, cucumber, peppermint, and more! Now each bundle comes with 6 exclusive products and a carrying bag. 

Each Summer Store includes:

  • That’s So Cuke Fresh Foaming Face Wash
  • Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out Replenishing Face Moisturizer
  • You’ve Got It Glowing On Prism Primer
  • Bronzed Broad Lip & Contouring Bronzer
  • Have a Great Summer, STAY COOL Chunk
  • Catch Me if You Tan Sunning Body Balm
  • Summer Skincare Mini Guide
  • Limited Edition Summer Store Bag

The mini summer skin guide teaches you how to use your new skincare and incoprate it into your current routine.

THAT’S SO CUKE FRESH FOAMING FACE WASH help skin beat the heat! This fresh, foaming cleanser, scented with cool cucumber and mint, soothes skin and reduces the appearance of pores with hydrating cucumber extract, organic aloe vera, and cooling peppermint for a bright, refreshed complexion. 

Pump into damp hands and later onto your face. Cleanse in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm or cool water.

Fragrance: splash of cool cucumber and mint

SUN’s OUT FUN’s OUT REPLENISHING FACE MOISTURIZER replenish overexposed skin after a long day in the sun with antioxidants, vitamin E, soothing aloe vera, and deeply hydrating sodium hyaluronate in a cooling, glacial mint gel.

 Aloe can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to it’s ultra-ups Ting abilities. Gently press SUN’s OUT, FUN’s OUT onto clean skin; use as needed.

Fragrance: splash of glacial mint

YOU’VE GOT IT GLOWING ON PRISM PRIMER  prime and brighten skin with sunflower oil and Shea butter for a hydrated, luminous complexion, featuring moisturizing coconut oil, coconut water and coconut juice. 

Coconut helps hydrate skin to balance out oil and sweat to keep your makeup looking fresh. For a youthful glow, apply a drop of primer to cheekbones, eyelids, chest, and neck. 

For a more subtle sheen, mix a drop with our moisturizer. Can be worn alone or under makeup.

BRONZED BROAD LIP AND CONTOURING BRONZER STICK bronze and contour for a sexy summer glow with this creamy, glide-on formula filled with hydrating mango butter, skin-softening sunflower oil, and vegan plant-based waxes to lock in moisture. 

How -To-Use: Starting on your forehead below the hairline, sweep bronzer down and round the bottom of your cheekbones along your jseline in a “3” shape and blend.

You can use bronzer for more than just your face; try contouring other areas like chest or legs to show off in a sexy summer dress, or dab a little on your lips.

Fragrance: crisp coconut

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER, STAY COOL BATH CHUNK  it’s like air conditioning in a Chunk! Cleanse and cool skin with moisturizing palm fruit oil, a splash of menthol, and exfoliating jojoba beads scented with mint and a hint of ceder.

Palm fruit oil is packed with vitamin E to help moisturize loss and condition your skin. Use gentle circular motions in the bath or shower to buff your body smooth and leaving you with a refreshing clean. 

Fragrance: mint, menthol and a hint of cedar

CATCH ME IF YOU TAN SUNNING BODY BALM  keep skin moisturized before and after the sun with this citrus and vanilla scented coconut body balm, for sleek summer skin without the tanning oil mess. Coconut oil leaves all skin types totally hydrated and full of antioxidants. 

Fragrance: soft citrus, creamy coconut and sweet vanilla

This definitely a good bundle to get and since we are in the last days of summer, why not enjoy this grand summer store with everything you need for that end of summer look. Use and keep that summer tan, glow all year. 

Let me know what you think about this post and if you’ve tried Perfectly Posh before… I would love to hear from you.

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