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Kiss True Volume Lashes

I’m not really big on false lashes, but from time to time I love a beautiful full eye of fabulous, glamorous lashes… I’m a girl who has a flare for the dramatics 😉

These Kiss New York True Volume lashes are the BOMB!!! I just can’t find them anywhere any more. These lashes are gorgeous and glamorous. 

If you’re into false lashes… while wanting that natural look and feel…yes, ladies…these are definitely the ones to help you achieve just that. They are the best natural lashes I’ve tried-and I don’t wear them.


Revolutionary Tapered End Technology deliers real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own lashes.

95% of women who wore them felt a difference- you’ll forget you’re wearing them. 😊

The application of false lashes has always been very difficult for me and I rely on mascara to achieve my desired look. I’m very happy to have tried these lashes, yet I was extremely nervous about the end results. 

What you you think about the end results?

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