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Romantic Bear Matte Lip Glosses

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried different indie brands and some I’ve loved and others that weren’t right for me…so those I gave away too new homes.

Signed up with this monthly beauty subscription service named AdoreBox. For $25/mo. I surely was expecting something awesome and yummy for $25– this was the more expensive of all my beauty subscriptions. Not hardly what I had in mind, when I received my package.

Everything came in a shipping bag not a box that I’m keen to receiving each month. My curiosity got the best of me cause I wanted to see what I got for $25.

Too my disappointment, I got samples and 2 full size liquid matte lip really!! What the hell is this. I was furious with anger. Samples and 2 full-size products for $25… should have known better when I saw the packaging.

To make a long story short, I did try out the lip glosses and was very disappointed by them. Great coverage and very dry…leaves a tough feeling on my lips.

Matte gloss in Cashmere 👆

Matte gloss in Wicked 👆

Swatch of both glosses, as you can see the texture and true shades.👆

These glosses are from a brand called Romantic Bear. Now I searched the internet for information on this brand, couldn’t find nothing on a site…just eBay, Amazon and some other sites.

After all that… I did find similarities between LimeCrime and this brand…no affiliation. Both have almost the same packaging, expect LC bottles are much clearer than RB.

My over all thoughts on this product and brand is it’s definitely not what I expected and for the price it should have been more for what you’re asking people to pay. One service I removed myself from.

Has anyone else tried this subscription service, if so, what’s your thoughts on it? Please share your thoughts on this post.

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