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Hollar Hual

Good Morning,

It’s the weekend and it’s time for a new post. One thing about me, I love a great deal/ bargains anything that will save me money on all my beauty needs…hell anything really.

Well, this this where I came across this facebook ad from a company called HOLLAR…what is hollar you ask…Hollar is your destination for the coolest gifts and goods starting at just $1. They make shopping insanely fun—and keep wallets happy.

The big orange box arrived and I was excited to see what’s the hype is all about. So I ordered a few items too test the waters. Received free shipping on my order…didn’t wait very long for my package to arrive.

Here’s what I received in my first Hollar box.

  • The Créme Shop Makeup Removal Wipes Coconut Water
  • Urban Studio Brush Scrub
  • Intimate Tropical Coconut Hibiscus Body Spray
  • Revlon Nearly Naked
  • Black Opal Lipstick
  • Iman Luxury Lip Shimmer
  • Rucci Professional Soft Touch Vanity Mirror (not pictured)

Intimate Tropical Body Spray I have used this nice refreshing body spray many times and it’s a very nice crisp, fresh, fruity coconut fragrance with a hint of tropical hibiscus 🌺 flowers.

Wonderful scent just in time for summer. $3

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation would be a great foundation if it didn’t look so ashy on my skin. I don’t want too look washed out or change my color…this foundation should blend right into the skin and give you that no makeup look.

Maybe I may give this foundation another shot if I was to get another shade. This chestnut 280 isn’t my shade and makes me look ashy. $5

What’s not to love about Black Opal, they have some really amazing products that compliments any skin tone and their lip products are to fie for. I’m a girlie girl and I love all things pinks and purples so this rich deep jewel tone berry wicked is just what I need and it’s definitely giving me life. Another summer favorite. $5

Here’s the creme de la creme Miss Iman Luxury Lip Shimmer is a thing of luxury. My lips felt super good and not tacky. Great shimmer and color. This shade is called Flamboyant. Nice coral shade that will have you beach and summer ready. $5

The Créme Shop Makeup Removal Towelettes I’m all about a good makeup remover either in liquid, wipes or cloths. So, when I saw these I had to get them. I love coconut water and these do take away makeup but isn’t very good at removing the water proof mascara. $3

The Urban Studio Brush Cleaner is just what I need to remove that deep down embedded dirt and grim. With the ridges it helps make cleaning your brushes that much easier, faster and sanitary. $3

Rucci Professional Soft Touch Vanity Mirror this is definitely the mirror you want in your makeup arsenal. It gives you that extra focus you need and has a 7x / 1x magnification. $5

Well, what’s my official thoughts on my first order from hollar…I actually love the prices and the fact that they have something for everyone as well as for every area of your life…from home, health and beauty, fashion, babies and kids, pets, kitchen.

I got a feeling that I will be ordering again from this site and trying different products. I just love a great deal on my favorite products. If you haven’t tried hollar I would highly suggest you give it a try.

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One thought on “Hollar Hual

  1. Hi, Great information. As i am having lot of acne on my face, scaring to use cosmetic products. Will be happy if you search something for our-types face issues. Thanks.


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