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Dollar Tree Haul

Good Morning,

I couldn’t wait to share this with you. I love working at Dollar Tree and all the uniqueness that this store carries is unbelievable. Everything from home, kitchen, bath beauty, pets, kids, seasonal items and frozen foods and treats.

Our store is definitely a good store that carries nice unique one of a kind items. And yes, everything is a $1 plus tax on non food items. Again, I love a great deal☺️

I picked up some Wet n Wild brushes just a few…we didn’t have all the ones I wanted, but I did get what I could. A nice eyeshadow palette, wet n wild mascara and some hair bands and clips. I also picked up more stuff…check below 👇🏾

Yep, we sold out the Ampoé Pedi Perfect the moment they were put out. I grab up a lot to give as gifts. And since Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, these makes great gifts. I only found one pink (it’s mines) saw these at Target and they wanted $24 when I paid a $1.06

Like who doesn’t love or like Wet n wild cosmetics…if you haven’t tried their makeup brushes you are missing out. I think they are soft and picks up product nicely. Haven’t had any shedding with usage. You can get all the brushes at wet n wild site or your nearest DT.

Nothing I love more than finding cute eyeshadow palettes that’s worth my buck. Colormates are great for $1 and they have wonderful color payoff. Garden Party is the name of this 12 palette. Shades that ranges from blue hues, browns & gold hues and purple hues.

Take a look at the swatches below👇🏾

Loving these different shades of blues, you can play around with them.

These neutral shades are a must for that nice nude smokey eye. Without giving you that over- the -top glittering look. They are soft tones with a modest amount of shimmer that I can work with.

Now here’s where I’m loving this palette cause these shades are AWESOME! beautiful pale pink, wine, rose tone shades that’s just right. Definitely not a lot of shimmer but a very nice matte, to semi matte and satin.

Overall, this colormate garden party palette is a keeper…my only issue is that it’s too powdery and therefore will give me fallout. Otherwise, it’s only a $1 and you get what you pay for.

Have you tried ColorMates cosmetics please share your thoughts.

This is one of my favorite mascaras and I got it for a buck, it sells for $2.99 at other places like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreen… in other places like Target it was $3.99…just saying 🤷

Another ColorMate product, my go-to pencils when I can’t get my wnw pencils. After using these for a year now…they are no different than wnw’s eye pencils. They are equally as creamy and tug-free. Get 2 for the price of 1.

Every girl needs her styling tools to get her hair in order and child, when I saw these I had to get them and my hair will thank me later.

As an avid reader I love the fact that we offer a selection of good reads and good books that you can journal in or share or collect… whatever creams your twinkie. Let me tell you, Brooke Shields book is good! Can’t wait to try out the recipes in those cook books.

A girl loves her head bands and working at DT does has it’s advantages. I need 3 more to complete my mini pink collection.

You know summer is coming …with these cute totes and matching scarves and flip flops (not pictured) is just what you need for a great summer on the beach, sailing, shopping or just for every day.

The uniqueness of DT is what keeps people in their stores. OK, maybe it’s that’s EVERYTHING IS $1 tagline.

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