Defiant Skincare from Perfectly Posh

Are You Ready to

Forget Your Age?

As a woman who loves a good skincare system and I don’t mine spending the loot for it…So when I found out that we were releasing our own skincare system I damn near went bananas.

Perfectly Posh now has a complete skincare line.

Defiant™ is here! These incredibly effective products are our new naturally based, pro-aging line of skincare for confident women who celebrate and value their experiences more than what other people think of them. Formulated with nutrient-rich moringa oil, each product helps dramatically prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so women can focus on being themselves instead of focusing on their age.

Here’s the pro-aging products in this new line:

Defiant Naked Youth™ Serum

Defiant Uplifting Eye Crème

Defiant Gimme a Boost™ Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Defiant Gimme a Boost™ Moisturizer for Normal/Combination Skin

When it comes to aging, there are several factors that contribute to our skin looking older, like hormones, the environment, and damage from not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water, and emotional stress. While you can’t control all of these contributing factors, you can invest in naturally based, pro-aging skincare products that allow you to forget your age.


Sick of those sad anti-aging products that make you obsess over every birthday? Age is just a number; stop letting it define you. Formulated with nutrient-rich moringa oil and a combination of other powerful ingredients, Defiant™ by Perfectly Posh helps dramatically improve the appearance of aging. It’s not about anti-aging, it’s about pro-aging.


Moringa oil is sourced from the Moringa Oleifera, a perennial plant commonly referred to as the “miracle tree.” The oil is extracted from seeds through a cold-pressed process, which protects the integrity of the nutrient-rich oil. This oil is known to have significant benefits for your skin. Not only does it dramatically affect the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also provides smoothing and revitalizing benefits, so your skin looks ageless.


Vitamin C rejuvenates skin by hydrating and helping brighten skin tone, keeping it looking younger and firmer.


Squalane is an excellent moisturizer, helping skin feel soft and smooth. It works well for all skin types and contains antioxidants. The squalane used in Defiant™ is plant-sourced and vegetarian.


Grape seed oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as antioxidants, to help reduce the appearance of photo-aging for a younger looking complexion.


Pearl promotes a glowing complexion and a radiant, smooth, firm look. Prized for its rejuvenating and illuminating properties, it was commonly used in ancient Asian civilizations as an overnight skin treatment. It helps to decrease the appearance of puffy, irritated skin, absorbs impurities and excess oil, and polishes uneven skin.


Sodium hyaluronate is a versatile skin-identical ingredient that pulls water from the surrounding environment and penetrates the skin for deep hydration without a greasy skin feel. Its smaller size allows for this deep penetration and offers long-term moisture making your skin look naturally younger.


Defiant Naked Youth™ Serum with Moringa Oil


Defiant Uplifting™ Eye Crėme with Moringa Oil


Defiant Gimme a Boost™ Moisturizer with Moringa Oil

I have to admit that I’m loving the results from using this system along with my other posh facial products to give my dry thirsty skin hydration and moisture. It has helped with evening my skin tone, and clarity to my skin.

Making my makeup application that much more better and easier to move around. What more can I say, our skincare line for all 3 products costs $120 and it’s well worth it. This product has lasted 3 months and I’m just about out…time for a reorder.

If you would like to try Defiant you can go here DEFIANT SKINCARE

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