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Victoria Secret’s Gloss Balm and Velvet Matte Lip

I’ve used various matte lipsticks in the past and present…Honestly, I love this product but it does have some down falls. The colors are beautiful, very vibrant. But I would strongly recommend to use a sugar scrub before application for a smooth application… because it will set in every crevice.

The down side is the fact that it doesn’t stay very well. It’s mediocre in that aspect. I’ve had to reapply after eating, drinking or anything of that nature.

Velvet Matte Lips Total Flirt

This is amazing, always thought so. Though, you must reapply every few hours. It comes off easily & takes a little while to dry on your lips. A very nice shade of purple. Total Flirt: Dusty Lavender

Retails for $14 they are on sale for $10

VS Gloss Balm is a very sheer tinted gloss with a hint of color. This balm is so silky smooth and it the perfect amount of color not too subtle but not too tinted either.
This is the perfect lip gloss/lip balm product. Stays on really well and has a beautiful, hydrating color. It stays on through work, which I can say is very good thing…as a cashier, I move around and talk a lot…it actually holds up very well for my shift which is pretty impressive. Smitten a sheer soft rose tint

Retails for $6

If you’re interested in these products you can go over to Victoria Secret to get order yourself a few. They have a sale going on right now. Don’t miss out on it. ❤️😉

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