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My Beauty Subscription Addiction

Good Afternoon!

I pray that everyone’s Mother’s Day was great and you spent that quality time with mom. I had a great mother’s day and while I did have to work…came home and did some spring cleaning with all my beauty boxes that I have stacked up in damn near every room of my home. So, to clear up storage space for the new arriving shipments, I dumped out all my boxes except for a few of my glossy boxes.

I kept certain boxes like the limited edition boxes or the cute special boxes. I never really knew how much products I had until I started the daunting task of emptying the boxes. Literally, the sheer magnitude of all these boxes even had my husband looking at me like I have a problem…he even said, and I quote…”YOU HAVE TOO MANY DAMN BOXES OF MAKEUP!!!” I had to admit I really did have way too many. In turn means a lot of products lol.

Why do I need so many beauty boxes…and I haven’t even gotta chance to tryout not even half of the products I received due to my work schedule. Which literally kept me from playing in my trinkets. Yet I kept ordering new ones and receiving favorites.

I know I have an addiction to these sub-boxes and I feel I work each and every day…pay my bills, pay my rent so why not spoil myself with luxury and indulgence even if it’s a beauty subscription ☺️

This tote is filled to it’s compacity and heavy. I have full, sample and deluxe size products from allure beauty box, glossybox, boxycharm, beauty box 5(no longer active as of last year), walmart beauty box, target beauty box, Sol theory beauty +sunglasses box, just to name a few.

This isn’t even scratching the surface of how much I have that I haven’t shared…it’s really too much and I just ordered some stuff. Keep adding to my madness and driving my poor hubby crazy lol. Like I’ve always said, a woman has to have some kind of addiction that healthy to and for her…mines happened to be beauty subscriptions. We’ll be moving soon and I’ll have all the room I need for my beauty boxes and then some…I have a wish list ☺️

Are you a beauty subscription addict like myself, please share your story. Let’s help each other find new beauty boxes 😀

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