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Aurora 7-Piece Brush Set & 20PC Brush Net Protectors

Good Morning!

It’s June and the start of a new month means new goodies. I’ve recently became an brand promoter for a company called BOOMOUTLET, they contacted me and ask would I promote for them…of course I did and I ordered my first 2 items from them…which were a brush set and 20pc smakebrush nets. This is a company based in China, and it took about 2 weeks for my order to arrive which was fast.

Anytime I’ve ordered online especially beauty products and or tools…they always always always comes with protective covering or some kind of packaging, not these, they arrived inside an small mailing envelope… the moment I opened it up they fell right out on to my bed.

Needless to say wasn’t very happy about receiving unpackaged products…they could have at least put them inside a plastic bag like the brushes were.

I do like how the nets cover and clings to the brushes while holding the shape of the colorful bristles. What I’m not so crazy about is that they don’t fit that well on the smaller brushes ( eyeliner, shader, blender) excellent fit on the larger brushes. For the $7.99 I paid, it would have been nice to have it in packaging.

These brushes are simply adorable and a fun addition to my already growing brush collection. The picture on the site didn’t do these any justice until you have them in your face. With the mermaid trend going on you cannot help but get into it yourself. Since summer is here…why not explore your inner mermaid.

Aurora 7 piece set has pastel soft synthetic bristles perfect for every makeup lover! With a colorful diamond design handle that’s solid plastic. Bristles are soft and some are dense…these darlings are $19.99

They don’t have names or numbers to indicate which brush it is. A few brushes look alike…my guess we have a powder brush, contour brush, blush brush, eyeliner brush, small eye shadow and large eyeshadow brushes. On the site doesn’t tells you either. You can see the crinkles in the bristles. I’ll have to wash and clean them before use and give you guys an update on them…things can change after using it for some time.

My overall thought on these items…honestly I can’t speak on their performance until I actually use them. But far as presentation…the brush set was good and I was very happy with their look of shimmering mermaid colors which is fun.

As far as the 20pc Makeup Brush Net Proctors…they do what they’re meant to do…protect the bristles and keep them in shade. What I’m not thrilled about is how they arrived without any kind of packaging. That was definitely a big no-no for me. I will do a full product testing of both and come back with a more definitive review.

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