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Juvia’s The Zulu Palette

Good Morning,

It’s a very rainy day today on this glorious Sunday. Working two jobs really doesn’t give me the opportunity to really do the things that I love…like makeup shopping. Online shopping is now my only outlet for all things beauty. Sad, cause on my days off I just want to sleep.

Yet, I’m very excited about this palette that I just received in the mail yesterday. I know that everyone may or may not be up on this brand but it’s my first time purchasing from this brand.

Juvia’s Place is a makeup brand that has some amazing and pigmented palettes that you’re going to truly love and appreciate. If you’re about bold, bright, eye popping colors, this is definitely the brand that will deliver.

After reading reviews on the brand and their palettes there were some good and bad…but it gives me the chance to try out this great brand and form my own opinions. Absolutely love the packaging, with an African Queen on the cover and inside definitely gives me life. With the success of Black Panther and all things Africa, this palette and brand is hands down on trend.

As you can see this palette has the boldest and brightest shades I’ve ever seen. Rich and vibrant… I didn’t want to do any swatching of any of the shades, until I actually test them out. In my next post I’ll have more thoughts on this palette and how bold and strong the shades truly are. This is my first palette from Juvia’s Place and if it’s any good like everyone says, then I’ll be ordering a few more to start my collection.

So far I’m looking forward to trying out this palette and see how rich and pigmented these shades really are. Just from looking at this amazing and bold palette…I can create looks of endless hours of possibility

If you have tried this palette or any other Juvias products, please share your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Juvia’s The Zulu Palette

    1. That’s when I ordered mines as well. And it really does have some pigmented shades. I’ve already created a look with it yesterday…and I’m still playing around with it. Please share your thoughts after you’ve played with it. 😊


      1. Definitely will! I’ll most likely wind up doing a blog post or 2 about it. I already have the masquerade palette so I just know it’s going to perform way too good not to share, you should check out my blog

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