South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs

Good Day! This week I’m doing a small test trial on a few eye masks that I received in a few beauty boxes as well as our posh cheat sheets eye masks.

Starting today I’m using South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs… they have 3 individual packs nestled inside a box. For 3 consecutive days I’ll be testing these.

They reduce puffiness, dark circles and moisturizes the eye area. I can’t wait to see the results if any.

These gel pads are set inside a plastic container and they are shaped to contour the eye area. They have a slight scent, it’s not strong or that awful medicine scent. They feel like jello 😊

I left these on for 30 minutes and I have notice that my little morning puff was dramatically reduced and can’t really tell if it helped with my dark circles just yet. I’ll see in 2 days if it actually helped. But the puffiness, yep definitely helped out and brighten up my under eye area.

They felt very comfortable and didn’t have all that excess product that’s inside the packaging.

I’ll come back in 2 days with more information on these after the test trial. Have you tried these gel masks, please share your thoughts.

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