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J Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter

I love sharing my favorite beauty products with my friends and family…to see their faces when I get something that I know they will love. Like this beautiful white gold highlighter from J Cat Beauty. Received this beauty from my SolTheory subscription and it’s one of my favorite highlighters.

How can you not fall in love with this highlighter. I’ve used it for highlighting my brow area more than on my cheeks. Gives a very nice sheen and a rich golden tone that works well with all eye shadows.

As you can see- it’s strong enough on it’s own that it deposits amazing pigment without a base or primer.

The name of this beauty is White Goddess and I call her white gold…guess both names fits, cause this highlighter isn’t harsh or is it rough on the skin. When applied it glides on the skin like silk…at least in my opinion. It does has a very nice golden undertone that compliments any skin tone. Want to achieve a nice soft subtle glow, this is definitely the highlighter. It has the 3 B’s ( Buildable, bendable and beautiful.

Please share your thoughts on this highlighter.

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