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Tony Dash Velvet Luxe Lipsticks

Good Afternoon,

I was so excited when I saw an ad on Facebook, from Tony Dash Cosmetics about free lipsticks…so I couldn’t pass up this amazing offer. Just like many others…I went on the site and placed my order. Now I placed my order back in may and I just received my package. Waited a month for my lippies too come in from China.

Needless to say that after threatening them and emails after emails I finally have them in my possession. I paid $18 for 3 glosses and I must admit they are fabulously awesome. Far as the packaging goes, frosted bottles with a classic black top.

This beauty is called Prince and it’s a very beautiful matte hot pink. As a woman who loves Prince and any shade of pink, this is most definitely a big plus in my book. Very bright and pigmented as you can see.

This beauty is called Psychedelic I mean this shade is a deep purplelish shade. Both were very easy to apply and they dried pretty fast. Not sticky or dry feeling like some matte glosses are.

After reading reviews on this company and brand I can honestly say that a lot of women were very upset with this brand. I never thought that this company was in China, cause they stated they were located in California…some ladies never received their items and still waiting on them too arrive.

While others have taken legal action. I went back to the site to see if could contact them and the site isn’t no longer up…that left me with a bad taste cause, it took a month to get my products. Overall, I’m happy to have finally have these and look forward to wearing them this weekend. A full review of these will be coming soon. If you have ordered from Tony Dash Cosmetics, please share your thoughts.

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