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Allure Beauty & Kat Von D June Box 2018

Finally got my hands on the Allure Kat Von D collaboration box. It’s this month box from Allure Beauty. I was so heartbroken that I thought I wasn’t going to get this…I love Kat Von D cosmetics and this is definitely a real treat for ant fan of hers.

This quote from Kat is my favorite… “If you give me an eyeliner, I can create 40 looks with that.” A tattoo artist and now a beauty entrepreneur beauty mogul in her own right. She has a large following on her Instagram…this box is filled with Kat’s favorite products, so I know I’m in for a treat…let’s take a look inside.


  • KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black
  • KVD Everlasting Lip Liner in Lolita
  • KVD Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick in Double Dare
  • KVD Travel Mirror
  • Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub


Tattoo Liner

This isn’t just my top kvd product it’s one of my favorite liners cause it’s just that good. It has a super fine tip so you can get it right into the lashline, which makes the eyes look bigger without obvious liner. Liner lasts all day…formula is waterproof and wears without flaking or smudging up onto your lids. Tip is nice and sturdy, you can angle it to create thicker lines and winged looks without any skipping.


Everlasting Lip Liner

Any good makeup artist will tell you that the trick to getting your makeup to last is layering multiple textures-lipstick over pencil, powder blush over cream, you get the idea. If I’m being honest, I tend to get lazy with this, don’t like adding additional steps my makeup routine.


Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick

I could tell you this is a dusty rose, but that doesn’t really do the shade justice. It’s got a little something something that makes it fresher and more vibrant than other brownsish pinks. Makes it great as an everyday lipstick. A satin-matte finish that looks and feels rich and creamy. Doesn’t settles in fine lines or cracks on your lips, wears well for hours without bleeding or fading.


Ole Henrisken Transforming Walnut Scrub

This facial exfoliator is made with walnut shells, which only sounds gritty. The ingredients have actually been ground into a fine powder, so the scrub spreads on smoothly and rinses off easily without making your skin red or irritated in the slightest.


KVD Travel Mirror

This mirror freeform shape was inspired by wax seals on old school letters, and there’s something very romantic about that. Small enough to fit in a clutch big big enough that you can see your whole face at once.


Glad that I received this exciting box that has been curated by her and the allure group. As a fan I look forward to using these in my makeup looks and sharing nothing but goodness. What’s your favorite kvd product?

2 thoughts on “Allure Beauty & Kat Von D June Box 2018

    1. Thank you…I act like I’m talking with my girlfriends lol…happy you love reading my posts😊
      My absolute favorite piece would have to be the tattoo liner, and Ole Henrisksen Transforming Walnut Scrub


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