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RealHer Ambassador Kit

Good Morning, I’m super excited to share some very exciting news that I received a few days ago…can’t believe I held it in for so long but nonetheless it’s a very exciting time and opportunity for myself and all the ladies who were accepted. RealHer makeup is looking for 100 ladies to represent their brand as brand ambassadors and I was chosen as one of their brand ambassadors. 🤗

Ordered my kit which was $29+ tax total cost of kit $32.99. This is an awesome time to be apart of something so great with a mission of inspiring, empowering and uplifting women everywhere. This is definitely the brand that gets their message across. Let’s take a look at my new AMBASSADOR KIT.

This kit has 4 full-size top selling products all which has great affirmations for you too tell yourself everyday when you’re getting ready.


  • RealHer Playbook palette in Do Your Squats
  • I Am Awesome Lip Kit
  • RealHer Confidence in My Glow Highlighter
  • RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick in Girl Powder
  • RealHer Cream Shadow Brush


Do Your Squats

I have the first RealHer Play Book in Be Your Own Kind Of Beauty and it’s a very nice neutral eye-shadow palette for creating smokey to everyday eye lookDo Your Squats is a beautiful palette with 9 neutral shades. Shimmer and matte shades ranges from soft neutrals to warm browns. Highlight, blend and transition shades that’s long wearing and buildable, and crease-resistant.

With names that you can create a beautiful look of confidence that’s all you. These colors compliments each other very well. Easy to create different looks with just one palette. Loving the earth tones. I genuinely 💖 the RealHer palettes.


I Am Awesome Lip Kit

Another great product from this awesome brand. Who doesn’t like a great lip kit…liquid lipstick, gloss and lip liner. Girls, let me tell you…I’m more of a color lip girl myself; bold lips with a soft eye or a bold eye soft lips. Either way is alright with me..that’s why I love this kit.

I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome”

This specially made, top selling Lip Kit features 3 nude lip essentials that can be worn together or mixed & matched to create your power look.

I Love Myself is a long lasting, creamy lip liner that will apply effortlessly.

I Am Perfect Matte Liquid Lipstick provides a lightweight, non-drying, ultra matte finish that will last throughout the day.

I Am Awesome Lip Gloss will bring high shine for a fuller appearance of lips.


Confidence In My Glow

Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.

Radiates from a warm rose gold highlight that is soft to the touch. Formula is lightweight, build able and blendable.


RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick in Girl Power

Girl power is deep mauve shade with a creamy smooth application. These lipsticks are long-wearing…they deliver a satin finish…comes in shades ranging from neutral to vibrant.

Their unique formula contains encapsulated water inside a traditional oil based lipstick. The encapsulated water begins to slowly release after application and your lips will feel even more moisturized after several hours. Infused with Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Vitamin E for ultimate hydration.


RealHer Cream Shadow Brush

The tightly packed vegan, synthetic nylon bristles create long-lasting coverage and cover blemishes beautifully! Great contour brush for a natural finish.

Made with 100% vegan synthetic fibers

Bristles fit the contours of your face for long-lasting, maximum coverage

Overall this kit is amazing it really is. I am very impressed with all the products. Clean, sleek packaging with a great message. If sold separately you would pay $107, you pay $29 for all this.


Do Your Squats Eyeshadow Palette – retail value $28

I Am Awesome Nude Lip Kit – retail value $36

Confidence In My Glow Highlighter – retail value $25

GirlPower Mauve Moisturizing Lipstick – retail value $18


Very stoked to be a brand ambassador for a company that wants to empower, inspire, educated while uplifting you is definitely a place I want too be. They give back to help educated young women. Awesome sauce! If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador click on the link to sign up…it’s for a limited time.

RealHer Makeup use code NICHOLE15 make sure to enter all caps.

Share your thoughts on RealHer if you ever tried their products.

2 thoughts on “RealHer Ambassador Kit

  1. As a heads up for your future endeavors, an authentic company or brand that wants to work with you will NEVER make you pay them for their products as a blogger. There are many brands, like this one you mentioned, that use the term “ambassador” or “influencer” as a means to attain your money by giving you a false sense of title. In the end they get your money and free advertising. I would do research about these shady brands.. there’s plenty of material out there to read about it. As a blogger your time and words are valuable, don’t sell yourself short ❤


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