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BH Cosmetics Haul

Hey Moonpies,

HAPPY JULY!!!! I have a small haul…I haven’t done an haul post or video in such a long time.😃 This isn’t a very big one like my elf and beauty supply store hauls used to be…it’s a start I guess. Look, we all know bhcosmetics is always have some sort a sale, which in turns means you’re going to buy something that you wanted from that “wish list“, it’s the perfect time too get all your favorite goodies…Yep, that’s exactly what I did…pulled out my bhcosmetics wish list and started ordering.

Speaking on wish lists… I have at least 3 which I’m trying to intertwined with one another…from I WANT, I NEED, INVESTMENT…how do I categorized this latest purchase of many too come…” I Want” category… Definitely not something that I need nor is it an investment that’s going to last me a life time, so, it’s a want.

In the first place I honestly don’t need it but it’s a luxury that I treat myself with after all the bills are paid. PRIORITIES IS ALWAYS FIRST. And here we are- my order came yesterday and I was so exhausted from work, couldn’t open it until today…DAY OFF!!!! Let’s take a peek shalt we.

One thing I love about a great deal…is a deal breaker…case in point…my two favorite things…brushes and palettes and when I can get both together at a great deal…DEAL BREAKER!!!

10-piece sculpt and blend set for contouring, highlighting and blending are some super soft brushes with two-tone dual-fiber bristles and long sleek black handles that’s numbered from 113-122. Brushes are as followed in order…


  • 113 -Round Blending Face Brush
  • 114 -Angled Blending Face Brush
  • 115 -Tapered Contouring Face Brush
  • 116 -Flat Blending Face Brush
  • 117 -Angled Contouring Face Brush
  • 118 -Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush
  • 119 -Small Angled Blending Face Brush
  • 120 -Small Flat Blending Face Brush
  • 121 -Small Angled Contouring Face Brush
  • 122 -Small Round Blending Face Brush

Again I love a great deal breaker this blush palette was part of the combo set with the brushes and this matte 10 pan blush palette is a classic of flattering shades for everyone. Found 3 great shades to use.

I’m a sucker for a nice palette… I have one with blushes and shadows…OMG! Honestly I got this palette for one reason and one reason only…that bright pink shadow. It literally stands out nestled between rich wines, browns, and golds shades. Personally it makes the perfect autumn/fall palette. Five neutral blushes and 21 shadows.

Small swatch to see how pigmented they are. Each one has that velvety feel blends nicely not much fallout. Just wish that it was more product than packaging.

I wanted to try this out and I believe in my haste I chose the wrong one. This foundation is called mocha, yet looks more caramel than mocha. Honey, I couldn’t…just want to enhance my skin…not change my color. Needless to say it was the wrong shade and dries pretty quickly…don’t like that. You can clearly see a big difference in the photos. Top photo is with a much yellow undertone. Same hand in natural light…it looks lime it soaked right into the skin and blended very well. Hands and face are very different.

Not and everyday foundation for me…I’ll experiment with it more and see what I come up with.

Got my hand on the concealer and corrector…corrector in peach and concealer in 119…dude, the peach corrector is way to orange and looks tacky around the eye.

Concealer was the beat and covered my dark circles. I was shocked to say theless.

Whose a sucker for pinks and purples? I AM! I’m definitely a girly girl and pink is my signature color…I wear pink to represent cancer awareness..lost my aunt to breast cancer and my best friend from ovarian cancer. Kitties and cats, this one here has given me life…Nude Rose Lip gloss in Joie. The beautiful shimmer and high shine with great pigmentation. Lips didn’t feel weighed down or tacky…pleasant scent.

Looks so much better in person. It’s true to color. Will be ordering more.

There you have it the bhcosmetics haul…some I definitely will be buying more. You can say that it’s becoming clear that I’m getting hooked on this brand and their sales. So far I have racked up 6 palettes from this line and still adding more along with 2 brush sets…like I really need more…OF COURSE I DO…IT’S MY WANT! My next investment will be the Wayne Goss makeup brush set…they are expensive just being honest…cause If I’m going to shell out $200-$300 for some brushes, it won’t be from just anyone…he actually created his set and funded it all by himself. So, yeah that’s my next big investment purchase.

This whole haul has some great pieces and not so so great. Love both palettes, concealer and gloss…corrector has got to go…to damn orange for my blood.

Look created using both palettes and concealer. Will definitely be reordering again.

Please share your thoughts on any or all products.

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