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Clueless Palette

Hey y’all, been busy with work and school haven’t had a chance to do any blogging…my schedule been crazy…since enrolling in makeup academy I’ve been learning a lot while enjoying the freedom of some down time from work. This week I have some really cool palettes that I want to share.

First up the inspiration from the classic 90s comedy Clueless and Peachy Queen beauty brand has taken a cue from the film’s colorful and inventive fashions for a new clueless eyeshadow palette, featuring 30 shades devoted all to things Miss Cher Horowitz. (Original PeachyQueen palette 👇🏾)

The colors in this palette ranges from a bright beautiful yellow named “As If” to an evergreen shade sprinkled in glitter called what else… Beverley Hills. Sparkling turquoise named after Alicia’s character a deep burgundy named after the movie’s heartthrob Josh, and pays homage to some of the most famous quotes from the movie with a blue shade named for Brittany Murphy’s infamous “Rollin’ With the Homies” you can find the real palette over on Peachy Queen’s website and cost $39
Peachy Queen’s website notes that the shadows come in “matte, shimmers and pressed glitter.”

Clueless palette by Enchantis which is a knock off of the original Clueless palette by Peachy Queen. Now, I had absolutely no idea that it was a knockoff until a friend informed me…so I did some digging and sure enough it was.

Here’s the look at these shades…they are very bright and pigmented to say the least. I was very surprised that they are this bold and bright.

Top Row: As If, Whatever, Dionne, Total Betty, Tai and Totally

Second Row: Amber, Beverley Hills, Virgin, Rollin’ with the homes, W, Platforms

Third Row: Josh, Faux, Oops, my bad!, Cher, Full on Monet and Buggin’

Fourth Row: Iconic, Makeover, Way Harsh, Existential, Matchmaker and Classic

Fifth Row: Dope, R.S.V.P, Mr. Hall, Daddy, Closet and Tardiness


I must admit that both palettes are cute and definitely one is much cheaper than the other. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the original one, which is on my must-have list since I have the fake one. I’m looking forward to playing in this and really getting a feel for the shades see how the wear as well as last during the day. I paid $35 for this palette which arrived in a few days of me ordering. Some people were having shipment issues from what I was reading on their fb page. Again, mines came pretty quickly.
If you have tried the original palette please share your thoughts.

*Image courtesy of Peachy Queen*

2 thoughts on “Clueless Palette

  1. LUL, I personally prefer the Clueless by Enchantis, probably since it was a knock-off, they did some improvements on it, especially the color of the bright yellow palette! However, they took quite some time to deliver! The shades were awesome, tho! Super pigmented, affordable and great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s actually not a bad palette… I’m still on the fence of purchasing the original palette from peachy queen and compare them. Overall, I agree great price point, pigmented. So if you’re looking for a great dupe…this is definitely the one.🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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