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Crown Brush Cosmo Collection Palette

Back with another post with Crown Brush palettes. I feel so behind cause this will be my first purchase from the company. I got both on sale and very happy with my first purchase. Yes, I got this for the name…I love a good 🍸cosmopolitan…why not have a palette with the same name.

This palette comes with 28 individual eye shadows encased in a cute pink metallic case with crystals on the top.

The palette feels sturdy enough and the crystals looks like they may fall off over time…over the course we’ll see if they hold up.
I love the packaging which is super adorable. There’s nothing more cute than having a blingged out palette…gives my palette that glamorous feeling.

The shades in the Cosmo Collection Palette range in texture from matte, satin, and shimmer you’ll find a variety of colors as well. There’s something for everyone! If you like to play around with bright colors or just starting to build your makeup collection, this would be a great option for you- it gives you a little taste of everything.

The satin and shimmer shades are definitely the stars of the palette, their textures are smooth and pigmented.

Unfortunately the same can’t for the matte shades which they are dry, chalky and lack strong pigmentation without a base. You can definitely build up intensity with a white or same color base.

🤔My overall thoughts are…very happy with this palette it’s doable, I’ve had worse. Love the versatility that 🍸cosmo collection provides, no matter if you’re into bold bright, neutral this palette is definitely a good choice. 👏🏾

What do you think of the Crown Brush Cosmo Collection palette?

👑 🖌 🍸 🎨

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