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The Crayon Case Box of Crayon IShadow Palette

I’m so over the moon to have this beautiful bold, bright palette in my collection. Seen it posted all over facebook, instagram, and by YouTube makeup gurus. So every time I went to order… it was sold out…few months later, enroll in beauty school and starting to build up my kit…looking for some really awesome cool products that I haven’t used before too add to my kit and I thought about this palette. It’s THE ORIGINAL PALETTE THAT WENT VIRAL!!!!

Excited to see that when I went on the site it was in stocked. Honey, I had to jump on it while it was still available. Read so many positive reviews on this cute palette that’s inspired by our childhood favorite crayons. Ordered this on 07/27/18 and received it on 07/29/18 that’s fast 2 day shipping for you👏🏾

Must admit that I was very blown away when I opened it up and all this beautiful bright bold in your face colors. These out-there shades pop just as much as all of your childhood sketches — maybe even more. That pink and lime green just screams out at me.

Swatches below of the first 2 rows👇🏾

Middle 2 rows👇🏾

Last 2 rows 👇🏾

What can I say…this palette is a box of fun for the eyes. The sheer versatility of this palette gives you endless looks to create beautiful works of art. You’ll have hours of fun mixing and matching shades for a bold, bright over the top colorful eye looks…with 18 absolutely beautiful jewel tones to select from you won’t have no trouble exploring your creativity. The colors are so beautifully rich and detailed to look like the classic crayola crayons colors.

It arrived intact enclosed in a bubble wrap bag inside the box of crayons outer box. Packaging is simply cute and my eyes has their our crayon palette 😊

I’ve now became a fan of THE CRAYON CASE BRAND it’s a done deal they have sold me on this and I’m just amazed at how pigmented this DAMN PALETTE IS!!! Looks like this will become the star 🌟 of my palette collection.

I 💖 their crayon school theme…very unique. Like really, what do you expect from an amazing woman like Sup…keep doing your thing girl, cause your brand is the bomb. 💣

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