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My Favorite Skincare Products

Don’t you just love a good skincare product that delivers nothing but goodness…I think I have the best skincare products that I can’t simply live without. All came from beauty subscriptions and they are a must-have if you have dry skin. Really don’t need a lot to keep my skin hydrated during these warm sunny days, that’s why these products actually helps keep my skin on full hydration mode.


Lué by Jean Seo Erase

This has became my go to cleanser and it’s the best cleansing, exfoliant and brightening all in 1…it’s that good I bought myself a backup ☺️

Trust when I say…a little goes along way. Wet it with a drop of water to get a paste texture (sorry forgot to take picture) and apply to face, while damp rub mixture off your face until it falls like eraser fallings. You’ll have soft, smooth bright skin.

Made with non-fat milk powder, finely milled whole grain oats, and a touch of magnesium carbonate…perfectly pH balanced to clear complexion, balance my skin while leaving it radiant and smooth.


Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

OMG! What can I say about this peel…first let’s start with the scent…right off the back that sweet fresh papaya scent just over takes you. (in a good way☺️) I love slathering this all over my face after I wash it.

Received this in my first fabfitfun summer box and now I’m addicted to this creamy dream. It’s pretty expensive but I believe in having good skin which means paying reasonably and luxury prices if you can afford to spoil yourself.


Lancôme Renergie Multi-Glow

Speaking of luxury this beautiful rose colored soft delicate scented moisturizer is definitely what I mean about spoiling yourself. Definitely a favorite of mines.

Glides on like butter and soaks right into the skin. Leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Again, a little goes a long way. 🤗


Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water

Here’s the icing on the cake…this refreshing rose water keeps me refreshed, hydrated and glowing during these hot days. Love this rose water and how it gives you that fresh face feeling without drying out or making my skin feeling tight. I carry a small bottle in my purse when I need that quick pick me up.


Now that I’ve shared my absolute favorites with you…which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you want to try? Listen, you don’t have to spend a fortune on good skincare that’s why I subscribe to different beauty boxes to try the newest products and see if I like them. So far these are my absolute favorites and I hope that you give these products a try.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Skincare Products

  1. Heyyy heads up that the Elemis papaya peel could cause pretty bad allergic reactions and be cross reactive with latex allergies, because papaya is a latex fruit. The FDA advises against using it topically but doesn’t have any really pull with the cosmetics industry so they toss it in. I’m very allergic to latex and have to be on the lookout for people sneaking papain into products.

    If you’re find, you’re fine though. 🙂 I just hate that there’s no label for it.


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