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Revlon Nearly Naked vs Maybelline SuperStay Foundations

It was hard trying to find the perfect shade in a foundation…with so many in the market I really didn’t have an idea of what I was looking for. After learning so much about undertones, skin tones it got me to thinking about my own skin and undertone…and it would explain why I had so much trouble finding the right shades.
Went to target to find at least two differ shades that would compliment my warm undertone and chocolate skintone. So I picked up Revlon Nearly Naked and Maybelline SuperStay foundations. I read and heard different views on both and I felt I should give them both a test run.

Revlon Nearly Naked in 280 chestnut…it’s lighter than my skin tone than again I can mix it with another foundation until it’s too my liking. What I don’t like is that it has a SPF 20 which is low. I need at least a 30…so 20 is doable. It did go on nicely and very easy to blend with my foundation brush. Didn’t like how it dried on my skin, had me ashy almost chalky looking. As shown on the back of my fat hand…it tends to settle into my hand fat wrinkles.


Maybelline SuperStay in 360 Mocha is right up my undertone and I love Maybelline lipsticks, so I was very excited about testing this out. It truly blended into my skin and it felt good on my skin. It stays up to 24 hours of wear…this is what my skin been crying for. Giving my skin an airbrush look. Easy to blend…don’t like how fast it dries. Wish it came in a creamy formula.

Both of these foundations have their pros and cons…as with any product. I’ll be testing them all month long. I’ll be back in a month with my full review.

In the meantime, I’ll find two additional foundations to add to my kit and personal kit. If you guys have any recommendations on foundations I should try please share with me.

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