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Nothing I love more than makeup shopping either on or offline…but it’s way better online…no long lines, rude shoppers over crowded stores, just a click and I’m all done with my shopping. Some items I got from Amazon and others from fff shop. Let’s just dive right into it shall we.

Nyx Jumbo Pencil & Cream Eyeshadow Base

When I first started out doing makeup this was a big deal to make my shadows pop more vibrant and make the shades brighter. One should never be without some milk for those eyes. Both I got off Amazon prime.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, 3.8 Fl. Oz

Definitely one the best eye makeup remover that I have used in a long time. It’s almost like MK Gentle Eye Remover very gentle and removes all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara. Leaves no oily residue on your lids. I feel fresh and clean after using. I actually prefer the wipes better than the bottle.

EcoTools Enhancing Brushes

I love classics and ecotools are classics… I remember when I received my first set of brushes and they were from my sister who got them at CVS…these here are double sided and everything you need to create a beautiful smokey eye or everyday look. Got from Amazon prime. Love double sided brushes.
Leave Your Mark Eyeshadow Palette

Like how could you not like this Tarte palette. Bought this from fff shop and I fell in love with it. A big fan of the Tarte brand there’s always something too look forward too this palette is no exception. Great everyday palette with the perfect neutral shades.

Good as a beginner palette as well. Blends very good. Colors are not over powering and perfect for the girl or boy who likes subdued but luminated look. Seven warm tone metallic and matte shadows paired with a white gold highlighter inspired by their #kissandmakeup campaign. It has a custom kiss design from the #kissandmakeup anti-bullying campaign, with thoughtful shades names serving as your inspiration

The copper, peach and light pink eyeshadows include mostly metallics balanced with 2 mattes. It includes a white gold eye and cheek highlighter, with all shades powered by Tarte signature Amazonian clay for non-patchy payoff and long wear. This palette is part of the Double Duty Beauty Collection

  • grace (pale pink)
  • speak up (peachy nude)
  • good vibes (rose copper)
  • encourage (champagne)
  • role model (antique gold)
  • shake it off (deep bronze)
  • respect (deep plum)
  • love (white gold highlighter)


You can check out the swatches of each shade.πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Photo courtesy of Tarte


Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen

Another product that I ordered from fff and it’s a first time for me. Anything that can help in the aid of retaining some of my youthfulness while reversing the signs wrinkles, giving me a youthful glow… I’m all in for it. This tonic also helps with hair and nails… definitely something that caught my attention. I just recently started using it and use one each day to see a difference. You can pour it n your fruit, in your smoothies… I
usually have it in my lemonade/water every morning.

It doesn’t have a taste, but you can definitely taste a difference in your drink -which leaves an after taste. Nothing to powerful just something I noticed. Today is day 2, you get 20 packs that’s twenty days of continuous use I should see some improvement in my skin, hair and nails. Beauty Collagen is an unflavored, all-natural dietary supplement that is easily incorporated into one’s diet. It’s recommend mixing it into a smoothie bowl, avocado spread, a yogurt parfait, some melted dark chocolate, or your favorite beverage.


Peach Dream Eyeshadow Palette from Prism Makeup

Found this beauty on Amazon prime and she was only $7.99 not to shabby for a cheap palette from amazon prime. It does have some really good shades, I haven’t swatches any of them. Haven’t broken her in yet…so I’ll have to get back to you on this one.


Bolero Beverly Hills Coconut Cream and Vanilla Body Lotion

Found this body lotion at work… it’s a very nice scent and it’s not greasy, watery for it too be a dollar. Now it’s some what on the thin side…if you’re looking for a long all day scented body lotion…this isn’t the lotion… I mean it’s a dollar and doesn’t have long staying power that I look for in a body lotion. Great for kids, but not a go to.


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