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Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar Palette

OMG!!! Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar Palette is here… finally have my very own palette after so many tries too order it…thanks too this site called Princess Polly…it’s my early birthday gift too myself. Like why wait til the end of January when I can enjoy this beauty now. My first JS product and very excited too have it in my possession.

Before I go any further, let me say this…Jeffree Star is a controversial person due to his actions.
My reasoning for owning this palette is because I wanted too try it and as a makeup artist I love having different brands on hand. I’ll review this palette like any other palette that I own.
Trust and believe no one walking god’s green earth is perfect by far, least of all myself. Let me make this crystal clear that I don’t condone racism nor sexism from anyone, don’t care who you are…it’s all about the makeup and not about Jeffree.

Hell, $52 was spent on this palette… You better believe I’m definitely going to damn well review it.

This palette sold out within minutes of it’s release. Palette is vegan and cruelty-free…I wanted to state that fact, cause it’s hard to do red shadows and still being vegan and cruelty-free. Most include red bugs to make the pigmentation super vibrant.
Made right here in the good ol’ US. I loved the color scheme and cute names along with the stamps of his initials on the shadows.

When I saw this on the website it was just too cute… it’s way better in person…the cute packaging is AWESOME SAUCE!! The exterior is faux red leather with white block letters and it has two silver metal clasp closures…looks like a mini suitcase just add an handle 🙂

18 full size eyeshadows that are 1.5g/.05oz each…18 shadows ×1.5 grams each=27 grams. $52÷27grams =$1.93 per gram. That’s my kind of price point, considering it’s made in the USA with an bad ass packaging. I can get with all that.

Also what I absolutely love are the names under each shadow…these shades Prick, Root Canal, Cherry Soda, Cavity, Extraction, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar and Coma are starting too become my favorite shades. If you are irritated by red dyes this isn’t the palette for you. Some of these shades you’re going fall in love with.

I didn’t use any primer or base with these swatches…wanted too see the true shades without using anything.
Glucose, SugarCane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Donor and Intravenous

Candy Floss, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Cavity, O Positive, and Root Canal

Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar, Extraction and Coma

A look I did with a few colors…still have too discover how creative I can get with these shades. 4 press pigments that’s great with the mattes, metallics and shimmers. Honestly I didn’t have any issues with the blending…now there were some shades that needs to be built up…while others like prick, cherry soda, coma, fresh meat, blood sugar, extraction, root canal and Intravenous you need only a little bit which means alittle goes along way.

My final thoughts…y’all can see that I’m loving this palette very much. With some awesome bold vibrant colors that you can play around with. My only down fall is the palette is bulky and can’t not something I can carry around…other than that it’s becoming my favorite palette of all my palettes. I’ll be back with more new looks. What’s your thoughts on the Blood Sugar palette?

4 thoughts on “Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar Palette

  1. Beautiful look! I saw this in personand fell in love but I have a habit of buying 10000 eyeshadow palettes and never using them, or just using the nude colors 😀 So i need to hold back, but I do love this palette! New Follower! Great Post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… it’s very pretty in person than in pictures. I’m building up my palettes collection and I have a couple of nude palettes and haven’t tried them yet.
      Thank you for following and taking the time too check out my post.☺️


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