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November’s Favorites

The holidays are fast approaching and I have so many things I need too do…but for the most part it’s that time too replenish on some favorite beauty products while finishing up old products…in my testing and reviewing stage I’ve tried some really awesome products that’s been pretty good. Today I wanna share them with you.

I can’t stress enough about the beauty of receiving beauty boxes…the wonderful world of discovering new products and brands as well as getting reacquainted with some old favorites. Baby, these 6 products are my go too which I definitely keep in my makeup bag that I carry.

Let’s start with skincare cause it’s the foundation of everything to get you ready for world.
Definitely a big favorite of mines…the OleHenriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub is a must-have in your skincare regime. It has delivered unbelievable results since I started using it.

After I cleanse my face I use a small drop to buff away dry dead skin from my face and reveal soft smooth skin. Not harsh, or hard on the skin. A gentle exfoliation with a very nice scent.

Who doesn’t love the NYX brand…they have something for everyone and I’m so loving their HD Studio Photogenic Primer. It dries fast and gives my shadows life. Truly does have all day staying power and doesn’t crease your eye makeup.

Y’all know that I love me some KVD tattoo eyeliner and I found one that’s just as good of not better. Received it in my Allure beauty box awhile back it’s from a company name Skone cosmetics… it’s also a tattoo eyeliner in jet black and has a very thin pointed tip for the perfect cat eye or whatever you feel.

Ever girl wants naturally long lush lashes and there’s this born with them and there’s girls like me who wasn’t…but I tried the Bare Minerals Flawless Definition mascara and it delivers define, lengthening lashes while nourishing and protecting lashes. No smudging or clumping that’s a big thing for me.

Shea Moisture is in everything…hair and now lips. My favorites vegan lip balm…it has African winter mint and ginger with opuntia extract to soothe and refresh. My lips stay hydrated and moisturized. Made with organic Shea butter. Never leave home without it.

Part of makeup regime! The Ready, Set , Radiant skin mist always makes me feel refreshed and prepped for a day worth of work. Whether it’s a full face or light of makeup, this is mist is the way to go.

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