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Peach Dream Palette

Today I come with a new beauty that’s been added too my ever growing palette collection… I ordered this beauty from Amazon and thought why not…read the reviews some good and some not so good. That has never stopped me before…so I had to give it a whirl.

Let me tell you this is the first time that I’ve heard of this brand Prism Makeup. Upon first sight it’s not a very big palette… enclosed is 12 peachy, pink, red and rich brown matte shades that’s supposed to be pigmented.

Palette has a nice size mirror and 12 pretty shades. Dimensions of the palette is 5.5 ×3.9×0.4 oz and is about 2.8 ounces…costs around $8.99 on Amazon. All the shades has names.

They feel very soft but has a powdery look too them if that makes any sense. I actually did a few swatches and found that the shades aren’t as pigmented as it claims. When I swatched each shade they didn’t give that pop of color that I was looking for. Definitely needs a base too bring out the true pigment. Very powdery when first applied without a base and lack pigment.

Below are swatches of all 12 shades with a base… I used nyx jesp in milk to make the colors pop more vibrant.

Cobbler, Pie, Streusel, and Semifreddo

Angel, Melba, Tart and Sorbet

Shortcake, Crumble, Trifle and Crisp

My final thoughts… this palette is okay, the pigmentation isn’t really prominent as I thought it would be. Unless you’re using a base to bring out the true tones. If you’re that girl that’s into light makeup then this is the palette for you.

If you’re into robust of color then this won’t be the palette for you. Again, this is a ok palette cause I like to wear light makeup when I’m at work… when I want bright vibrant colors I’ll use another palette that delivers the color payoff. If you’re interested in this palette- you can go to their website Prism Makeup

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