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Jefferr Star Cosmetics Haul

Good Morning beauties,

Yesterday I received happy mail and very excited too share with you. The beginning of the month I found this site that’s just amazing. While I was shopping for more Morphe, ran across this site again and had too see what it’s about. I saw cute outfits and beauty items… well I went straight in for all things beauty and that’s when I saw JSC in their lineup. I’ve never owned anything by Jeffree Star cosmetics and I really wanted too change all that…the one true thing I needed too have was the Blood Sugar palette… and that’s when I placed my first order with Princess Polly Boutique. It’s an online boutique… I like too call it my 1 stop shop. They are located in Australia.

Needless to say that I was Uber nervous about ordering from this site being that they are in Australia. As I aways do…threw cautious out the window and let Nike tagline whisper in my ears…Just Do It!!!!! After having the blood sugar palette and playing around with it… definitely surpassed all my expectations. It was time too order more palettes and that’s what I did. Can’t keep denying myself the luxury of good makeup and I’ve been promising myself that in due time I’ll order those treats off the wish list…no time like the present… right. Beauty Killer and Thirsty palettes along with Becca foundation is what I received yesterday.

Beauty Killer is the second palette that was released from Jeffree Star after Androgyny, which is the first palette. I need that one as well. This palette has 10 beautiful shades that’s just gorgeous right off the bat. Slim packaging that’s perfect for on the go…comes tucked inside a hot pink sleeve with js logo in gold and the palette itself is a soft bubble gum pink shade with black raised lettering.

Upon opening you definitely see that this palette is all shadows and not alot of packaging. Square pans that fits snugged with names centered below each shade. I really love palettes that has names for all the shadows…makes it very easy too remember which color you used. Nice size mirror…all shades has the deep pressed seal of Jefferr’s logo embedded.

I was definitely blown away by the way this palette looks in person. OMGoodness, pictures really doesn’t do any of these palettes any justice. The shimmers and mattes makes this a great put together palette. The color scheme is different- which is in my opinion is a good thing. I’m literally tired of all the warm tone palettes… I have so many already lol. These are truly different.

Thirsty is this year’s summer palette which was a big hit. Now alot of people did and didn’t care too much for it…gotta love reviews. This shadow and pressed pigment palette isn’t for the faint of heart…if you’re like me into bold, bright, vibrant colors that’s buttery and blends smoothly and beautifully together then this is for you. Packaging is very summer feeling with 3-D water droplets on outer sleeve and palette. So living for the creamsicle vibe.

15 delicious jewel tone shadows that’s eye popping and just gorgeous. Color scheme is just yummy…10 blendable mattes and 5 blinding ultra metallics shades with a new formula.

Again all shadows in large square pans with Jeffree’s logo embedded and there’s a few shades that just jump right out at you… Quench, Submerge and Splash are the main stars in this palette…. Kumquat makes a great transitional shade. The pressed pigments adds that bit of sparkle that we all want. You can honestly mix and match these shades together… blendablity is good without looking harsh.

The formula of the metallic/glitter shades in center row are absolutely gorgeous…they feel amazing and packed full of reflective metallic pigment and filled with tons of glitter…yass, biiitch! Which makes for stunning eyes every time. Once you pick your jaw up off the floor, you can see how extremely beautiful and creamy and smooth the mattes are.

Now take a moment to admire both these delicious palettes and their packaging which is so cute, fun and original.
Didn’t do any swatches of the palettes… just overwhelmed with excitement. I will be doing an update on both really soon and you guys get too see the swatches then.

Final thoughts…. I love them! I definitely would recommend all 3 palettes…these are the real deal…no dupes, fakes non of that. You can also order the new Alien palette as well. STOP gawking and overthinking things… just go get them…they are worth every penny. 😍

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