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Karrueche x ColourPop Brown Sugar PR Collection

Lady Karrueche and ColourPop has done it again with a very nice neutral warm slightly muted neutral palette. This palette definitely has earthier tones with it’s beautiful shade selection… definitely not like other warm-toned neutral palettes that’s on the market.
Personally I feel it’s…THAT perfect palette for women of color. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great for all skin tones…as a woman of color, not ever brown shade is good with my tone.
Brown sugar has the right selection of browns that’s complimentary too all shades of brown skin.

What I like about this collection is that the packaging isn’t so bulky and huge with little product. Shape like a jewelry box that houses makeup. Like, how can you not like this packaging. There’s 10 pieces in the set. Definitely has that 70s vibe from the wording to the brown camouflage background. These are the brown shades I use too see my mom wear back in the day.

Has a nice size mirror along with nine beautiful brown shades that’s just gorgeous. You have 6 mattes and 3 shimmers that’s bright in shimmer. Each shades has names as well as the outer case has names on the back of it.

Four creamy lux lipsticks that’s just creamy when you apply on your lips. Great shades that looks good on anyone. Butter isn’t really my shade but the others I can wear with no problem. Lips feels hydrated and not dry feeling. Gives full coverage with rich creamy color.

Blowzy Ultra High Shine Gloss is a medium, pinky-coral gloss with flecks of gold sparkle. It gives a sheer coverage with a hint of color–just as described… spreads evenly and smoothly across my lips with a high-shine finish and a dusting of sparkle. The gloss has a lightweight, smooth, lightly creamy texture that isn’t sticky. Has a nice caramel scent that’s just yummy.

Dumpling Ultra High Shine Gloss a medium, peachy coral with warm undertones and a creamy finish. Surprisingly, this was described as a “sheer peach,” though it was more semi-opaque in coverage. I could dab it on and spread the color out with my lips or fingertip to get sheer coverage, but if I used the same amount as other Ultra Glossy Lips, it’s definitely not sheer. The texture is smooth, lightweight, and non-sticky, which makes both glosses comfortable to wear.

This is a look I created using the brow sugar palette and wearing brick with blowzy gloss on top. Find these colors aren’t overwhelming too the eyes . Blends very well with each other and other brands. I did notice fall out while applying. Silky shadows that compliments every skin tone.

First off, I have so much to say about this collection… 1: I am in love with the fact that this was curated for women of color. 2: NEEDS TO HAPPEN MORE OFTEN. 3: Colourpop has to be the best quality per price point of any brand. I guess I just feel so proud that this is happening. I am so happy that the makeup world May finally be doing what they should have always done. Anywho… Sorry for my rant!

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