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The Original Makeup Eraser Sample

Hey y’all, if you guys haven’t had too much time too blog and share some amazing products that I recently received and I’m so ready too catch up and share my thoughts on some things.

This post is about a sample that I received last year towards the end of December. It’s called The Original Makeup Eraser I was flooded with alot of women asking me have you tried it, what’s your thoughts, does it work, is it better than the dupes? I couldn’t answer the questions cause I have never tried it.
I have tried a dupe of the original makeup eraser and it works great…so this is definitely a product that I want to purchase for a full sense if this actually work at removing a full face of makeup… I only have a small piece and I mostly use it for removing eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner as well as lip.

It’s an eco-friendly product that only requires water, lasts for 3-5 years and helps save landfills of wipes and cotton balls, and reusable. This is definitely a good thing for having a really good makeup removal system. Me personally I actually hate using cotton balls and wipes cause my trash is filled with them.
Anything that helps remove my makeup fast, easy, and eco-friendly is a bonus in my book. Much better than ruining my face towels and saving time on doing laundry.

👆🏾 As you can see in this sample the long nap side exfoliates the skin.

👆🏾 The short side erases all makeup with just water. Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation and more.

After using this small piece I wasn’t disappointed at it’s performance since I couldn’t get the full feel of what it’s capable of. The removal of foundation is what I’m more interested in…hate that I didn’t take a picture of me removing my eyeshadow…next time I’ll take a picture.

If anyone has/use the makeup eraser please share your thoughts. And you can also read my post on the dupe. Swap Box

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