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Morphe 24G/ Grand Glam Palette & Fluidity Collection


Today is my earthday and I’m very excited that I’ve been blessed to see another year. Before my day get crazy I want to share my thoughts on the Morphe Fluidity products that I have.
There’s been numerous reviews on the whole collection from beauty influencers and makeup enthusiasts who were all in accordance, Morphe has lost their minds with some of these shades and undertones. Many woman of color, like myself have a hard time finding the right foundation, concealer, and press powder…some shades are going to be hard to match from what I’ve seen on their site.

I did take a picture of me with all products and I’ll let you guys be the judge of.

This is a beautiful palette with some really pretty neutral shades that’s perfect for alll skin tones. The 24G Grand Glam palette by Morphe is a fun palette to play with- filled with peachy/pink undertones. The warm browns are wonderful. The pan sizes are huge! Double the size of their regular pans. I could honestly dip a blush brush in the pans, easily.
This palette swatches beautifully and wears really well. (Didn’t post swatches) The lighter shades could easily be used as highlighters, the pink could be used as a blush and if you find a brown that would work as a bronzer/contour, I would try it. They blend well and are very pigmented. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. It is housed in a cardboard packaging without a mirror… does feel sturdy.

The debate about this foundation is very mixed with more negative reviews than good ones. I honestly wasn’t going too try it but it was given to me as a gift, so may as well try it out. For some reason I’m not sure if this is my actual shade but I did try it and it gave me a slight orange look… wanted to wait after it oxidized before going any further. It’s full coverage and did blend ok …no streaking that’s always a good thing.

I’m not that excited about the press powder… it’s very sheer in coverage and it left me with dark patch on my cheeks. To be honest not what I thought it was going too be. Kinda gave me a ashy look. This shade is #Filter11

Morphe Fluidity full coverage concealer I have is in shade C4.25 is creamy in texture and once applied it will dry pretty quickly…so you must work it in pretty fast. It didn’t feel dry nor did it tug or pull while giving me a nice smooth under eye look. Definitely feeling miss thang. 🙂

It gave me a bright highlight under my eyes even with a setting powder.

After using the foundation, which is pretty much good on it’s own without the filter effect finishing powder. The concealer is good and creamy…my only downfall with the concealer is that it dries pretty quickly, so you have to really work fast.

The Fluidity Full Coverage foundation is 24-hour long wear, sweatproof, transfer-resistant, no parabens, oil, and fragrance. It’s a matte finish that’s why it gives off a filter effect. Not feeling the filter effect finishing powder. Though it says buildable sheer to medium coverage it’s very sheer. Does absorbs oil and lightweight. Overall, with more use if the foundation and concealer I can get the results that I’m looking for and both did give me life. Finishing powder is a no for me.

Please share your thoughts on Morphe’s Fluidity Collection.

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