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BoxyCharm February 2019

This post is very much well overdue. Work is all I’m about right now…schedule has changed and haven’t been able too keep up my blogging. So, here’s my long awaited post…last month I was very disappointed in this box…. it’s alright, but what I wanted. Really was looking forward too trying the Tula face masks. February, theme is After Glow, let’s take a look at the contents inside.





Farmacy has become a brand favorite of mine since being introduced by Boxycharm. Anytime I receive any thing that deals with farmacy, I’m all in. Farmacy Clean Bee facial cleanser is very gentle and really does removes all embedded dirt, oil and makeup. This cleanser is very gentle and awesome for all skin types.


Touch In Sol No PoreBlem Primer

There’s nothing I like more than using a great primer to give me a flawless beat. Well, boxycharm did it again with this primer. Honestly didn’t think I was going too like it, but it definitely proved to be an asset in my makeup routine. Touch In Sol No PoreBlem Primer is from a brand that I’m not familiar with, but I did like the overall formula and results.


Pretty Vulger Shimmering Swan Highlighter

How can you not love the brand Pretty Vulger…from the first time that I received my first PV product…it was a bright blush from GlossyBox and then from boxycharm, which was a palette I received… didn’t care too much for the palette, the other products are straight keepers.

Girl, I use to hate highlighters and after seeing so many girls over doing it with the high beams…yet after playing around with my wet n wild highlighter from the Fergie Center Stage collab I fell deep in love. The sheer gentle glow that it gave me… had this girl having second thoughts on highlighters. Upon opening this beauty I can truly see the beauty. Velvety smooth highlighter infused with glow loving, light reflecting and pearlescent pigment…and gives you the right amount of beam.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Remember when I had the mini size of this and it blew my mind. My lashes we’re long and separated while curling them. Too Faced definitely has something with this mascara. I received so many compliments on my eyes. It has definitely stepped up my eye game.



Not a huge fan of this brand… I have so many lip items that all look alike I’m so over it. This is different to say the least. Packaging is cute and handy to throw in your bag. The difference with this from other products is this is a prime and glaze lip duo.

This two-in-one duo features a primer one side and a color glaze on the other. The primer smooths lips and glides on like a balm….creating a smooth canvas. Color glaze glides on lips and leaves behind a pop of soft color.

Honestly this box actually help change my mind about it. From the moment I opened the box I wasn’t very happy with it, due to the fact I wanted the Tula Face Mask instead of the lip product…after using each product for a while,some I can definitely add to my makeup arsenal others not so much. Overall, it wasn’t the best box but it wasn’t the worse either.

For $21 a month I’m getting the chance too try out different brands and products that I wouldn’t otherwise take notice in. Grateful for the opportunity and time that the boxycharm team takes to bring us charmers the best that meets their standards as well as ours, couldn’t ask for nothing less. BoxyCharm is definitely in a beauty subscription class all their own. Can’t wait for this month BoxyLuxe, which is on it’s way 🙂

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