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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Haul

Hey Moonpies, yesterday I had a really crazy crappy day at work and couldn’t wait to get back home and lay down…upon me walking up on the porch I had a package… meaning…HAPPY MAIL! It was my Morphe order. I have a small collection from this brand and since they have this sale going on, definitely wanted too take advantage of it. Saw a few items that were on my wish list for some time, and with their sale going I wasn’t going to let these items pass me by.

This haul isn’t that big, but it’s big enough for me to get excited about. Got my hands on the covenant Jaclyn Hill collection and the prep and set trio. Heads up there’s no swatches of these palettes I didn’t want to mess them up…they all will be well swatched in their own post.

My first time getting this palette after looking for it and found its always sold out or wasn’t on the site…but that’s old news, I have the OG original JH Jr. palette. Don’t get me wrong, those colors are absolutely gorgeous…mixture of different neutral and cool tone shades…excited too play around with this palette very soon. I pray that pigment is popping… a lot of people say it isn’t worth the money. I’m not a fan of JH, I know all about the drama surrounding her vault collection… I find myself wanting to have this vault collection in my collection. I’m going to form my opinion about this collection after an in depth investigation.

Everyone has their own opinions on the matter, with that being said this is about the makeup. I’ll be sharing my opinion soon on the matter.😉

FINALLY! Have the JH Vault collection in my hands…life is good. Already have the Ring The Alarm palette and fell in love with it. The other 3 are just as beautiful. Now I can honestly say from my experience with using Ring The Alarm palette which is my first palette from JH that I purchased and fell in love with it straight up. I was really impressed with it. Now that I actually have all 4, well 3 – want too know how does the others stack up with color payoff.

Now the packaging on these aren’t the same as my ring the alarm palette which has the sunburst design…these are just simple white cardboard with her name and morphe. Thinking that these are V2 and I have the Original Ring The Alarm palette.

Armed and Gorgeous (top) Dark Magic (bottom)

Bling Boss (top) Ring The Alarm (bottom)

First off, let’s get out the way…yes, I was photo bombed by my kitty. She’s a nosey cat ☺️ when I saw this set had to jump on it with the quickness. 3 different products that I’ve gotten on my wish list which is sold in a set… should’ve gotten 2.

Recently, I have seen this setting spray all over social media and youtube. I was told this setting spray was “amazing” and actually worked. So I went and bought it. I absolutely LOVE it too. First off, it’s a very fine mist when you spray, not in globs. Secondly, it smells AMAZING. Third, it actually DOES keep my foundation in place. This setting spray is really good, and I have no reason to lie or fake it. I love that it’s aerosol, and how it doesn’t leave a “film” or heavy feeling on your face after setting. If your curious about this setting spray, it works very well.

Haven’t tried out the primer or concealer just yet… I’ll come back later with my first impressions of them.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase with some high hopes for these products. If you want to check out my post on Ring The Alarm palette go here Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Share your thoughts on any of these products.

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