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Colourpop Haul

Colourpop is one of those brands that get you hooked and you become addicted too. I’m guilty of that… I can’t seem to get them out my system 😊 this will be my third haul and I have more coming. With them dropping something new it seems like every week how can one keep up. Since my first purchase I’ve been obsessing over colourpop and here’s my lastest obsession.

This is their new loose pigment and this trio is called Turn up with three loose pigment. I’m a sucker for any shade of pink and this one caught my eyes. Colourpop definitely has great pigments and this trio is just the first step in building up my collection. What we have is Off The Charts, Love Me Hater and my favorite Power Up. This poppin’ trio of neon and duochrome is badass.

Colourpop Pressed Glitters Hungry Ghost & Light Snow press glitters are so unique and beautiful and has different shifts to it depending on how you are looking at it. I love it so much and you don’t need a special occasion to wear it. It can be used by itself or as a topper and it’s still so beautiful. Everyone needs to get this. Super easy to use. No need for glitter glue.

All Star Face Setting Spray & Matte Primer is by far the best combo for primer and finishing spray!!! These two together are magic!!! I’ve tried a lot of sprays but this makes your face look perfect all night!!! So light! I will def be getting more when I run out. I just wish that the primer was bigger and the setting spray was more of a mist like the morphe setting spray. The No filter Setting Powder also came with the set.

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow revolutionary creme-powder eyeshadow, famous for it’s unique bouncy texture, delivers bold color in a soft pearl finish in one swipe without creasing, fading or fallout. Deep shades of rich pigment. Lace, Warrior, and Okay

Excited about these cause I was really on the fence about trying them. I’m very impressed with all of them. I’ve tried many different foundations and it’s hard from time to time finding the right shade. There has been time where I’ve used 2 to 3 different shades of foundation to get my shade.
As of lately I’ve been using Becca Cosmetics Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Dark Golden which I absolutely love to death. Gives off a nice subtle glow. Just yesterday I tried ColourPop No Filter Stix in shade Dark #175… concealer in Dark #40 and Press Powder in Dark.

Now I was very apprehensive of trying it due to mixed reviews but went ahead and ordered it. WOW! This just melted right into my skin and held up all night and looked amazing. No Filter Stick gives you that filter look without the filter I definitely was impressed with the end results.

Finally got my hands on the Colourpop x Disney Villians Misunderstood Palette along with Jelly Much Shadow in shade I Own You. In a collaboration with Disney and their infamous villains characters brings the palette to rule them all, Misunderstood. This mixed finish 15 pan eyeshadow palette combines intense mattes, color shifting duochromes, and rich metallics. Scheming all the ways I’ll slay, definitely won’t be hard with this palette for sure.

This haul has got to be the best of all my hauls so far and with new products dropping all the time, it’s just a matter of time before I’m back with another haul. Definitely will be stacking up on more no filter sticks, and super shock eyeshadows. What’s your favorite colourpop product or what are you doing to try?

2 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul

  1. Woww! Love the look of everything. Especially loving what you said about not needing any glitter glue for the pressed glitter. Girl, I am always running out of my tube what with all my glitter eyeshadows!

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