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Juvia’s Place Haul

Hey Moon Pies, back with another treat for your eyes. If you’re like me I really try not to keep up with beauty community drama, cause it’s always something going on with certain individuals. Which brings me to this post. While alot of my favorite beauty influencers aren’t happy with the drama that surrounds Juvia’s Place. As a small influencer myself, it’s hard too be seen by brands when they have top beauty influencers on their list.

This is just my personal opinion…when I started out it was always about the makeup and still is. I believe everyone should be paid for their time and work, but it feels like some influencers have this entitlement and narcissist attitude that anytime a makeup brand comes out with new products they feel they should receive free products or whatever the case may be. Personally I don’t feel that it should be that way because if a brand wants you to be a part of their launch or send you free product to test out that’s on them and you shouldn’t get mad if you didn’t get any product… just go purchase it do your review.

The beauty industry now has shifted…beauty influencers are really getting beside themselves, again this is just my opinion- watching over the years the community isn’t about makeup anymore it’s about top influencers being paid these astronomical prices from brands to review a product or to bash another brand whose in competition with someone they may be sponsored by but with this Juvia’s Place drama it just kind of shifted a little to where a lot of people especially African-American women are very upset with the owner of juvia’s place and rightfully so as a woman of color, we’re not being included and when you have a brand that comes out a states that they are for women of color and they go to the top white beauty influencers…tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth as an African-American woman who’s also a beauty influencer.

So, in this post, I’m going to be bias and again, it’s about the makeup not the company or owner.

I’ve made one purchase from Juvias Place, which was the Zulu palette that I absolutely love. So when I herd about their skin line I had to get it. A friend of mine worked with them on the I Am Magic campaign and recommended that I try out the foundation and concealer. Guess, I got a whole face to really get the feel of each product. Let’s take a look at the contents.


  • The Warrior palette
  • I Am Magic Foundation Nairobi 410
  • I Am Magic Concealer 12
  • I Am Magic Setting Powder Gobi
  • The Nubian Loose Highlighter Cleo
  • Juvia’s Place Matte Liquid Lipstick in Afrik

This beautiful palette was inspired by the ferocious and beautiful Dahomey Amazons of Africa. Palette has 9 eyeshadows, 6 foiled shimmers and 3 mattes, that are 3.6 grams each. It’s the same design as most of their recent palettes… Doucce, Saharan 2, Festival etc. All of Juvia’s products are cruelty free and this palette is paraben free and formulated without mineral oil.

I Am Magic Foundation is a radiant matte foundation that offers soothing and moisturizing benefits. Its unique formulation delivers great coverage while hiding imperfections in an instant. Thanks to its light touch, this velvety foundation blends and spreads easily while giving a soft focus effect. Formulated to provide full and buildable coverage, it immediately enhances all skin tones with a healthy look. Paraben Free. Oil Free. Cruelty Free.

You might be shocked at the size of the foundation packaging please keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this formula. Also keep in mind, it’s about the same size as a lot of foundations on that’s on the market.

While you can layer it to get full coverage, you can also thin it out for less coverage. I am also happy that the finish is a radiant matte—I know makeup lovers have been loving that full matte finish and brands keep making them to cater to their audiences, but a super matte foundation isn’t always flattering on the skin…makes the face looks dull and flat.

I Am Magic Foundation manages to cover imperfections well and holds up all day while still looking like skin.

The I Am Magic Foundation comes in 42 shades with the following undertones: neutral, golden, cool golden, warm, and olive. The range is categorized into three kingdoms: The Nubian Kingdom (Deepest Dark, Deep Dark, Dark, Rich Tan), The Medium Kingdom (Tan and Medium), and The Light Kingdom (Light and Very Light).

It took me a little bit longer than usual to find my shade in the range. I typically just look for a dark brown with neutral undertones, so I used the foundation chart to look for all the “dark browns with neutral undertones. I picked shade 410 Nairobi, Nairobi is for tan skin cool with golden undertone

I did a wear test and although I had sweated throughout the 11 hours I had it on, it still looked good.

I AM MAGIC Liquid Concealer from Juvia’s Place, i designed to give you a full range of weightless coverage across 24 unique shades, formulated for all skin types and tones. My shade I J12…For dark skin with cool, golden undertones.

The concealer packaging is quite sizable and features a doe foot wand. The packaging seems similar to some of the popular, thicker creamy liquid concealer formulas out there, I Am Magic Concealer is more on the liquid side. I actually found the concealers to perform very well without any creasing or settling into fine lines. I barely needed that much to cover the discoloration under my eyes because the foundation covered that so well. I wear shade 12 to cover discoloration under my eyes (could also use it for dark spots elsewhere on my face).

This loose setting powder from Juvia’s Place. Is crafted for every beautiful shade of the skin, I AM MAGIC Setting Powders come in 5 shades designed to extend the all-day wearability of every look — from an everyday natural feel to full on fantasy glam! These setting powders can be used for setting foundation, concealer and brightening. Gobi is formulated for dark to deep dark skin tones.

Highly pigmented mix of beautiful pearls to give you a beautiful glow. A light shimmering champagne color. This is by FAR THE BEST HIGHLIGHTER! The product is amazing and especially for the price point!

First off, I’m not red lipstick girl so I tend too stay away from them…yet for some unforeseen circumstances I ordered this and was shook when I physically had it in my hands. This red is bright and looks good against my skin tone. Not a very big fan of liquid lipstick, Afrik is that beautiful shade of red that compliments all skintones. Afrik Matte Liquid Lipstick is a velvety and comfortable bright red lipstick.

Overall, this is a very impressive complexion launch. I would say your best bet at matching is to try and do it in person—you can narrow down your shades by kingdom and then see whether you’d need to go lighter or darker and then narrow in on the undertones to lessen your choices. There is a chart floating around the internet with shade equivalents, but use it more to narrow down your choices. That same chart matched me to 140 Angola in the I Am Magic Foundation which is too dark. I think it’s worth taking the time to figure it out.

I’m hoping that they launch additional formulas (lightweight, dewy, radiant finish, powders, etc) in the future. Everything is great and I’m impressed with each product.

Look created using all Juvia’s Place. Looks flawless in natural light… melts right into the skin. Afrik Liquid Lipstick is not drying on the lips and gives off a beautiful shade of red.

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