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Morphe Haul

Hello, this is another haul and I’m really stoked that I was able to get my hands on some really cool goodies, like the Jeffree Star makeup brushes which were in stock in on Morphe’s site. In light of his summer collection, I thought it was fitting too have these on hand to have in my mini collection of JSC.

Now I wasn’t really sure if I wanted this palette due too the fact I have one similar from BH Cosmetics. Again, throwing caution to the wind and splurge on myself. It’s very bright and colorful to be honest. The right palette for summer your summer vibe. 25L Live In Color Palette is all about celebrating your uniqueness standing out. Be fearless. Be proud. And rep the rainbow with these crazy-creamy, bold AF shades. Because you were born to live a vibrant, vivid, explosively colorful life. Let your true hues shine.

Let’s talk Shades… the shades names in this palette is inspired by the LGBTQ+ history and some of the brave Queens who’ve helped pave the way to a brighter future.

ROW 1:

🥛Milk / matte bright white
😊Pride / matte juicy orange

❤️Heart / matte bubblegum pink
🌈1978 / shimmering lilac

🗽Liberation / holographic metallic

ROW 2:

🗿Stonewall / metallic icy nude
🛡️Culture / shimmering coral
♥️🏅#LoveWins / matte fuchsia
🌉SF / matte magenta with sparkle
✊🏾Rise Up / shimmering sapphire blue

ROW 3:

🌞Sunlight / matte sunshine yellow
💢Life / matte scarlet
♀️♂️Sexuality / matte hot pink
⚖️Truth / matte grape
🎶Harmony / shimmering marine blue

ROW 4:

🧘🏾‍♀️Healing / metallic dazzling gold
🌍Activism / shimmering lime green
🦄🌟Make Magic / shimmering turquoise
☮️Peace / shimmering Caribbean blue
🤵Gilbert / indigo sheen with sparkle

ROW 5:

🌊Thrive / matte pear
🌱Nature / matte green apple
🖼️Art / matte minty blue
🎊Parade / matte jade green
🌃NYC / matte midnight black

*Donation of 100% of net proceeds will be made to The Trevor Project from sales of the Pride Live in Color Collection during Morphe’s Pride celebration months, June through July 2019 to help fund 24/7 suicide prevention & crisis intervention services for LGBTQ+ youth.

The dynamic duo is in my collection of JSC which makes me happy😊. These are amazing brushes as I would expected from Jeffree!!
Brushes are soft, good quality & feels a little heavy thus making it look expensive. They’re so beautiful especially the wands loving the diamond pattern and the pink color. Haven’t used them yet, too be honest with you, I may not… they’re just too darn cute and pretty.

JS1 – Size Queen Brush (Synthetic)
Bigger is totally better, babe. Especially when it comes to your foundation brush. The rounded, large-and-in-charge head will help you blend, buff, and cover in all the right places. Pores? Never met her. Selfie, here you come.

JS2 – Point-Blank Precision Brush (Synthetic)
We like big buffs and we cannot lie. The longer bristles fit into every contour of your face and deliver a smooth application of your fave powder products. Wanna go full-on? Who doesn’t? This babe is perfect for all-over setting action.

JS3 – Iconic Contour Brush (Synthetic)
Chisel those cheekbones, mama. You’ll be livin’ for the small, dense bristles that make it easy to handle any detailed contouring job. Slays well with powder and creamy or liquid products.

JS4 – Fly High Brush (Natural)
Hi, highlight. How are ya? We all know Jeffree is obsessed with a highlighter you can see from outer space. Can’t say we blame him. This au naturale brush will take you there.

JS5 – Crease Kween Brush (Natural)
Get all the details and a new crease on life. The longer bristles allow you to place color in all the right spots and buff out to perfection. Yes, mama.

JS6 – Rule Blender Brush (Natural)
Do what you will with this brush. There are no rules. But it’s perfect for carving out chiseled eye looks and knows how to drop bold, opaque color in the blink of an eye. Just sayin’.

JS7 – Double Trouble Brush (Synthetic)
There are two sides to every story. This double-ended dream knows how to bring the drama. Use the angled end for drawing on brows with your fave cream products or use with concealer to brighten up that brow highlight. Turn to the spoolie end to brush out any harsh brow lines, leaving you with soft, natural arches.

Starstruck Bag
Get carried away with your iconic life thanks to this oh-so-chic bag. The pink-a-boo vibe and silver detailing will stop anyone in their tracks. There’s no hiding anything, and that’s just the way Jeffree likes it.

The only BS I need in life is Beauty Sponges. Bold and in your face, Jeffree Star is giving the ultimate beatdown thanks to this fierce trio. Morphe OG Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge got a custom star-worthy makeover (with a mini twist). Soak it all in, babes.

Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge The chiseled edge delivers the ultimate control for contouring, highlighting, and baking. Just add water and give it a good squeeze.

This little guy is ready for some action. Jeffree took the OG and shrunk it down to size so you can conceal under your eyes and bake like a boss. Brilliant.

“For concealer, under the eyes, or if you have really long nails and it’s hard for you to reach certain spots – girl this is it.”

My favorite setting spray mist…fine mist which actually sets my makeup leaving my makeup in place all day. This will be my second bottle, which let’s you know I can’t live without this.

In all honesty I’m very happy with this haul and the items purchased. I didn’t do any swatches cause I didn’t want too ruin the palette.😊

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