Boxycharm Charm Goodies

One thing I love about boxycharm is that I can use my charm points on anything in the charm store. I’ve had like $80 worth of points to use and didn’t really see anything that I liked and what I really wanted was sold out…so I picked a couple of things… yes, 2 items and very happy with them.

Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer/ Base definitely lives up to it’s name.

How many times have you created a great eye look, only to check a mirror halfway through the day to find your shadow has creased, blurred, or gone missing altogether? Say goodbye to disappearing eye makeup with Angel Eyes Primer.

It neutralizes discoloration to give you a uniform canvas for applying your eyeshadow. Plus it keeps oil in check and acts like a magnet for both powder and cream pigments – eyeshadows apply more evenly, vibrantly and stay in place for up to 12 hours of extended wear.

It’s a bestseller and cult favorite for pro makeup artists, beauty influencers and everyday makeup mavens alike!

Glides smoothly over skin without tugging at your lids, thanks to our highly emollient base.
Non-drying, alcohol-free – perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes
Fan Discovery: regular users and fans say Angel Eyes works magnificently as a primer under concealer to extend wear and coverage.
Apply all over your lids and blend to a smooth finish before applying eye makeup to ensure vibrant color results that stay in place without creasing.

Dose of Color Liquid Lipstick in shade Pinky Promise

This base really brings out the pigment in my eyeshadow. It also doesn’t pick up eyeshadow and leave those patchy spots! Such a beautiful bold bright neon pink that’s absolutely gorgeous with my skintone. I love any shade of pink and this one takes my heart.

Both products do exactly what they are meant to do and lasts long time. I didn’t need to reapply my eyeshadow nor lipstick. I highly recommend both…will be repurching both very soon.

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