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VIOLET VOSS Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette is an limited edition…The Donut mini palette was created with dazzling shades in a variety of finishes that seamlessly blend and compliment one another.

You can achieve a delicious soft daytime glam or spice it up with delectable pops of color. Sprinkle on the highly pigmented iridescent, duo chrome, and sparkle toppers over any look to take it to the next level.

This mini has 10 cute fun pastel shades that has 6 mattes and 4 iridescent toppers that’s cute and has alittle fallout… it’s best to use your finger when applying toppers for color payoff as to using a brush. Most of the mattes aren’t that pigmented so I had to use a base for that pop of color.

I absolutely adore the packaging it’s very fun, whimsical, bright, girlie. Each shade reminds me the early 80s cartoon Jem. The packaging stays true to the theme of it’s name. Sprinkles and donuts… perfect size for traveling. It’s not the best and not worse palette…it just needs a really good base to make the colors pop. This cutie patootie only costs $18 you can purchase this and other fun size eyeshadow palettes at Sephora and Violet Voss

Tried out the palette and created this cute look. Most shades blended well together, while others not so much. Next time I’ll use my fingers to apply he toppers instead of a brush…nice glow from my vacation in Florida. Now, I’m back home. 😎🌞❤️


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