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Dollar Tree Skincare Haul

If there’s one thing I love is a good deal while saving coins. Working at dollar tree I get a chance to check out the newest products before the public…not all dollar trees carry the same products, but we do carry the basics that each store has. So I was really looking into skincare products to try and seeing that I’m around new products, why not try out what we carry…. it’s only a dollar right. Here’s a few items that I got from my local DT.

At my age skincare is more important than makeup and I want the best skin I can get… which means I need products that’s going to help me with achieve that. Facial masks are definitely a favorite of mine and I jumped at the chance too try these from Bolero of Beverly Hills Beauty.

Coconut Aloe Vera (moisturize and brightnens)

Blueberry Bliss (softens skin)

All That Glitz ( replenish skin)

After using these my skin actually felt much better and none of the masks dried out my skin nor did I break out. These are definitely worth picking up.

Yes to facial masking kits and masks are extremely good…just hated I waited so long to try them. What I actually like about these kits they’re all mud and have specific qualities.

Calming, Detoxifying Charcoal, Vitamin C Glow Boosting

Ultra Hydrating, Detoxifying Charcoal, Calming

Ultra Hydrating, Detoxifying Charcoal, Recharging Greek Yogurt and Probiotics

These Hydra Mist Coconut Water Facial Wipes from Bolero Beverly Hills has to be my favorite for a dollar store brand. They do hydrate the skin but I didn’t see much from brightening. Has a very nice fresh coconut scent that’s not strong… very pleasant to your senses. You get 30 wipes not bad for buck. It does remove makeup, dirt and grime…but it doesn’t really removes all makeup with one wipe, I used about 4 wipes and then used a cleanser to remove the remaining residue.

Now if you’re going to use one product from a line might as well use the whole collection. The Hydra Mist cleanser is very gentle and not harsh on my skin. Fresh scent. My skin did feel soft and smooth, no tightness or drying out.

Facial serums are a staple in any skincare regimen that’s why I had to try out this one. After only using for 2weeks my skin felt hydrated. The texture is that of water, liquidity not something I like… really didn’t absorb into the skin quickly and left a tacky feel behind.

A sucker for good eye pads, these Cooling Cucumber eye pads from April Bath & Shower are the perfect size to try something different. I can use these cold…seal in plastic bag and place in the fridge overnight or store in the freezer until time to use.

These are great for de-puffing tired eyes and brightening up the eye area.

Always gotta have back up…I have dry skin so anything with coconut is good. Found another Bolero Beverly Hills trio… Coconut Aloe Vera facial mist, facial mask and cleanser.

Haven’t tried this cleanser just yet, but I gotta feeling it’s the same as the the Hydra mist.

Honestly this mask is very good. My skin felt soft, smooth and yes bright. Had no issues using it…no redness, irritation of any kind.

My silence the whisperers look lol…but this mask is very soothing and once you’re done just Pat remaining serum into skin.

Nothing like having a refresh during the course of the day… that’s why this facial mist is a good thing to have during the summer months keeping the skin hydrated and refreshed. I most certainly kept a bottle in my bag… this is a new bottle. 😊

There’s some hidden gems within dollar tree walls and everything isn’t going to a hit… there’s a few hits and misses everytime you shop. Working at Dollar Tree gives me the chance to tryout products that I wouldn’t otherwise look twice at. I mean for dollar you get what you pay for and sometimes your expectations are exceeded. I spent $21 and some change for everything, not bad.

If you haven’t already tried any of these products I would recommend that you give them a shot. You’re spending less but will get more than you expected too.

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