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Juvia’s Place Warrior III Palette

Good Afternoon! Hope everybody is enjoying the start of the their weekend. Mines definitely starting out on a high note. Came home to a very small package from Juvia’s Place… opened it up and baby, got the warrior 3 palette.

While I was on the hunt for a another palette from Juvia’s Place and I figured why not get the Warrior III palette and build from there…I already have the Warrior palette…so three was a no brainier.

It’s finally here — the ALL NEW Warrior 3 Palette from Juvia’s Place! This electric palette is packed with pigmented vibrancy, from the iciest blues to the hottest pinks. I can create the ultimate fantasy and my own unique expression of beauty and power with the Warrior 3 Palette. Nine high pigments in defiant, dramatic and daring shades.

Pictures really doesn’t do this palette any justice seriously. What caught my attention were the bold vibrant intense shades and these five shades really jumped out at me… Candace, Fanti, Kongo, Karma, and Gola.. they just gave me life, before I knew it I hit add to cart.😊
There’s nothing I love more in a good palette is bright vibrant colors and this one has an awesome sauce visual storyline that’s very appealing too the eyes.

Above are swatches of the first three shades…Maasai, Jarawa, Kongo

Swatches of second row…Nzinga, Candace, Karma

Swatches of third row…Kahina, Fanti, Gola

These shadows are creamy and matte except for Kongo and Karma they are more metallic with shimmer… they make good toppers for any eye look. The yellow shade (Nzinga) seems a little chalky cause it didn’t really show that rich shade until the second swipe. Not very much fallout, from what I can tell…but this I my wrist and arm not my eyes, so everything may change.

Now, let’s talk about the cover and inside artwork…which is absolutely gorgeous… showcasing a beautiful warrior Queen. An edgy and brilliant witted masterpiece inspired by the Dahomey Warriors. Radiating champions, full of vigor and strength.

I don’t mind this palette not having a mirror cause the visual artwork is too stunning not too look at. A masterpiece in it’s own right. One thing about this brand that I love…every palette tells a story about the warriors it’s inspired by… while uplifting the African American woman with pride.

Definitely would recommend that you give this brand a twirl and try a few palettes, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and press powders. Very reasonably priced which is music to my ears.

Very happy that I got this palette cause it’s breathtaking. Colors just pop out at you once you open it. From beautiful striking artwork this will be an adventure and well worth having in any collection.

12 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Warrior III Palette

  1. Honestly this palette looks so good , the first pictures that appeared on thier instagram didn’t look as vibrant as your pictures. The three blues are amazing , and that yellow is really nice too . I need to add this to my collection .

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    1. Thank you…yes, this palette just screams at you. Beautiful vibrant shades that’s great in texture and blending. If you ever get a chance… purchase it and see just how beautiful it truly is.
      Pictures doesn’t do this palette any justice… it’s a must-see in person.

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  2. When I get my hand on this palette….imma be smiling. I’m searching for a bold and super pigmented palette and Juvias looks like it is. Have fun gurl 😀

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