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Face Sugar October 2019

I honestly don’t know why I keep this subscription going cause it’s always a hit an miss. My first bag really wasn’t that amused at the three products…then my second bag found only one of the products I actually used while I set aside the other two for a future giveaway.

Now I’m receiving my third bag and it’s decent, way better than the other two honestly. For $10 a month I get three products…I get what I pay for,right?

Mavie Cosmetics Take Me To Los Angeles is a brand that I’ve seen on Afterpay my favorite one stop shopping mall online. It’s a nice palette with a nice color scheme that’s perfect for fall. Can create a nice neutral look with a pop of color.

Doucce Punk Volumizing Mascara is definitely something extra special cause I love the eyeshadows that I’ve received in pasted boxes. Actually it lengthens my lashes, that’s always a good thing.

Laritzy Lip Liner Nude Rose another lip pencil I can’t/ won’t use. Pretty shade.. just not for me.

My final thoughts on this bag…only two out three I’ll definitely use while the other is going in the giveaway pile. For some strange reason it’s like I’m waiting for a build up of some really cool products…thus far it’s been an hit an miss.

4 thoughts on “Face Sugar October 2019

  1. Hello from the UK 😊 The more beauty box/bag reviews and unboxings I read/watch from the States, the more I realise that you guys have so much more choice than we do.
    I have choice envy 😉 and the palette in this bag looks lush! Great review, thanks.

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