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Glamlite Miracle Palette

The best thing I love the most is trying out new products from high-end brands, drugstore brands and indie brands…so when I received this palette from Face Sugar I was in shock cause they always send me a small palette…so this was a good surprise to what’s usually a bad bag from them.

I learned about his brand from Jeffree Star when he reviewed the brand’s pizza palette…which is js approved. The owner/creator of Glamlite Cosmetics is Latin American beauty Gisselle Hernandez, gotta support my Latina sistha.

I must say that MIRACLE is an extremely good palette. Shades are rich with pigment and blends gorgeously.

☝🏾Top Row: Heavenly, Shine, Superwoman and Hope

☝🏾Middle Row: Angelic, Amor, Flawless and Butterfly

☝🏾Last Row: Fearless, Beautylicious, Rosa and Treasure

This breathtaking and vibrant palette contains 12 beautiful inspiring eyeshadows which were carefully hand selected to allow you to create and discover the most extraordinary looks.

The miracle palette has 4 diverse finishes which consists of extremely pigmented shimmers, velvety matted, iridescent duochromes, and sultry foiled shadows. With shades of peach, vivid pinks and gleaming copper tones.

The awesome message behind this brand is the reason I love it… but wow, when I saw all the colors and amazing pigmentation I can’t believe I’ve slept on this brand for as long as I did…here for anything made by Glamlite! 🤩😍