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Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson’s Mini Controversy Palette


I can’t believe that Christmas is only 4 days away…this year is coming too an end fast and while “2019” has been an great year with some heartaches and joys… it’s still bringing joy into my life. I was lucky enough to preorder the Mini Controversy palette– wasn’t so lucky with The Conspiracy Palette it’s still soldout.

Nonetheless I was very excited when I heard the announcement of a Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson collaboration on their YouTube series. This collection damn near broke the internet.

Controversy palette is much smaller than the Conspiracy palette, and just as stunning. Jeffree and Shane nailed the packaging for this collection.

With 9 beautiful shades that’s just as breathtaking as the Conspiracy palette. Both palettes share a common shade Diet Root Beer…all 8 other shades are unique.
Jeffree Star unique formula is a show stopper, making the colors of the palette extremely pigmented.

Created this look using the controversy palette and the colors blended fine to me…there was fallout, but nothing that’s major. My overall experience was very pleasant and pleasing. This collection is well worth the hype and it’s not a palette that I’ll use everyday, but it’s fun just like jawbreaker and mini breaker.

What’s your thoughts on the year’s internet sensationally popular collaboration?

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