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HipDot x Kesha Rose FTW Palette

Back again with another treat…got my hands on the HipDot x Kesha Rose FTW palette. Not a fan of James Charles, but he caught my attention when he was doing Kesha makeup with her palette.

I was stunned by the fact she has a makeup line yet intrigued. Honestly when I saw this beautiful work of art it was something I definitely wanted in my collection…besides, it’s Kesha and I’m a fan, so it was enviable.

Let me first state that the packaging is SICKENING!! It’s really a great designed that’s all Kesha and I’m so loving on this amazing palette. Round packaging with purple tassel is so bohemian and trendy. Also came with an kicker card about the brand and the line.

This palette is just stunning and all the names are songs from her albums and the color scheme is rich, vibrant and funky. You can literally create a number of fun out of the box looks that represents your unique style, vibe and personality.

Created my birthday look with this palette and I love how the colors easily blends gorgeously together. With great saturation of color.

This is definitely a fun palette with endless possibilities for creativity for all makeup novices, beginners or professionals.