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HipDot x SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Palette

Hey Moonpies! As you guys can see I’m falling heads over heels in love with HipDot, cause I want every palette they have. First palette I got was the Zion palette and was hooked from that point. This brand is just amazing with adorable palettes and great packaging.

A chic black background, with golden images of Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Gary- plus metallic bubbles, seaweed, and jellyfish- floating around…like who wouldn’t like that vision.

When you hear about SpongeBob- inspired makeup, you probably not quite sure what kind of crazy colors to expect, this eyeshadow palette hits the ball right out the gate with 15 bright, beautiful colors worthy of the colorful, fun loving animated Nickelodeon show.

Yes, they’re wacky, like SpongeBob himself.

There are both matte and shimmering eyeshadows, including deep teals and blues, jewel-toned purples and reds, two neutral tans, and even three shades of gold/yellow because I gotta’ rep the sponge!

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