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HipDot Mini Crystal Palette

Good Morning moonpies, so as you can see I’m back with another HipDot palette. Told y’all before I’m hooked on this brand and they never seems to disappoint me.

Not a really big fan of glitter, but these glitter palettes are to die for. So if you’re a glitter gal who lives for glitter then this is the perfect palette for your collection.

I’m especially impressed with the Crystals Pressed Mini Glitter Palette, which isn’t so surprising because I really can’t get enough of this sparkly goodness. This palette includes 4 shades of gel-like pressed glitter.

It’s different from glitter eyeshadow, which has the shadow as a base. This palette is basically loose glitter put into a gel base and pressed into the pans. It’s made for a totally glitter look that begs to be noticed. If you’re interested in any HipDot palette just use my referral code and receive 10% off…click on 👉🏾HipDot and apply at check out.

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