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Tarte Sippin’Pretty Palette

Happy Weekend!!! I want everyone to have a great time and enjoy life. Wanted too share some really cool goodies while getting this new information soaked into my brain…if you didn’t already know that I’m a huge fan of Afterpay so when I was informed that new brands we’re added to the site, I was curious as to what brands will be added… well, I was shocked and thrilled cause I’ve been saying for so long that these brands could benefit from afterpay.

Well, it seemed like the makeup gods have heard my cries and answered my prayers. NARS, Jeffree Star, Bare Minerals and Tarte has now joined the Afterpay bandwagon.Which brings me to this post and some really good products that I ordered from Tarte through afterpay.

I thought this was just the cutest packaging and sums up the theme for this palette. Sippin’ Pretty is a neutral palette that has some beautiful shades for that fresh beach look. 6 shades and a margarita glass shape palette with straw is simply cute and definitely lives up to it’s name. Also included is the mini Lash Camera Action mascara

Now if you want long full stand out lashes…then this is the mascara for you. Not a bad haul with some really cool stuff. Tarte Cosmetics has some really good products that’s affordable and fun.

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