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Jeffree Star New Blood Lust Collection

The makeup world just got shook baby, and it’s all courtesy of Jeffree Star. Let’s start from the beginning shall we…first there was Blood Sugar, then there was Blue Blood and now, Jeffree is launching his 3rd installment in the Blood Collection…Blood Lust!!! Girls and boys, prime those eyes, hit that blunt and crack open a Red Bull…this launch will be EPIC!!

It feels like a lifetime waiting for JS, yesterday he finally revealed his new collection on his YouTube channel and hunty…I’m seriously shook to my core. I’m not being to dramatic when I say this may be my favorite from the Blood collection.

18 beautiful bomb ass shades that’s screaming DO ME BABY! Jeffree, is promising extremely pigmented color payoff. This pinky-purple colour story rounds out his previous two ‘Blood’ collections— when you mix red and blue, you create purple.

The stunning packaging comes with a bumper. Blood Lust palette comes in a purple hexagon-shaped box. Jeffree explains the purpose of this box is to help alleviate shadows smashing during the shipping process, as it comes with a removable cardboard ‘bumper’ around the edge.

“There is this bumper around it where if you get it, it may have a little bit of creasing in here but this is a protector,” he says, referring to the cardboard potentially arriving less-than-perfect upon delivery. “It’s going to make sure that your palette stays flawless.” I can appreciate the time and effort.

The palette is housed in velvet this palette takes lux-packaging to a whole new another level. This hexagon-shaped component comes wrapped in a coat of dark purple velvet. “ yes, actual real velvet fabric,” he says.

The palette also has a gold jewelry clasp opening instead of a traditional magnetic clasp found on most eyeshadow palettes. “I wanted to do something different than the trunks and the clasps. Hello, it’s 2020 baby!”

Shadows in varying hues of purples, pink, red and teal. For his first collection of 2020, Jeffree says he’s created a new eyeshadow formula for the shades Take The Crown and Wet Jewel to give your lids that ultra-glossy look we’re all obsessed with at the moment. “They are so wet-looking on the lid,” he boasts. “It’s very highly concentrated and look like diamonds.”

He also reassures that the palette, of course, has his iconic JSC matte and metallic formulas. The Blood Lust palette comes with 8 mattes, 4 metallics, 4 shimmers and 2 wet shades. It retails for $54.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best collection so far and Prince would be proud.Jeffree, stated that he knew he wanted to do something “sickening for this launch”, Jeffree revealed that the inspiration behind the Blood Lust collection is a little different.

Blood Lust isn’t just an eyeshadow palette. The full collection consists of five lip glosses: ‘Iridescent Throne’.Lord Star’, ‘Sickening‘, ‘Sorcery‘ and ‘Wizards Glass‘.

As well as an Extreme Frost Highlighter and Mini Purple Velour Lipstick Bundle. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is notorious for putting together a “mini bundle” to celebrate new launches and Blood Lust is no exception.

The Blood Lust purple mini bundle comes with 8 mini liquid lipsticks— 6 existing JSC shades and 2 brand new called Royal Armour and I’m Vulgar, exclusive to this collection.

Not to mention in true Jeffree Star fashion, dropping an entire makeup collection just wouldn’t be good enough! If you’re a diehard JS fan of the Blood Lust collection, you can also buy Blood Lust merch, including mirrors, hats, a bomber jacket, a bag, metal straws, and even weed grinders.

Jeffree also teased us with two brand new JSC products coming in 2020: a mascara and a liquid eyeshadow formula….yep, I’m super excited 😍

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust collection will be available on February 21st, 2020.


All pictures courtesy of Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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