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FaceTory February 2020

February is the month of love and reminds us to care for all things! So,let’s not forget about our skin! This month’s box is packed with calming, balancing and brightening sheet masks that ensure my skin is treated with all the tender love and care it deserves!FaceTory Olive Squalane Everyday MaskNourish the skin with one of the best skin balancing ingredients out there! Olive Squalane is perfect for providing skin with a lovely glow while also being extremely moisturizing.Jant Blanc Lemon Essential Sheet MaskWhen life gives you lemons, make lemonade and pair it with a lemon sheet mask of course! Calm and strengthen the skin barrier with this sheet mask packed with wonderful plant extract.

Yadah Brightening Mask

Brighten up your complexion with yadah’s brightening mask. This will make your skin shine and glow. It’s perfect for any day you want to look and feel radiant.Beauty Chuck! I’m Real Gira Mask- AquaA hydrating sheet mask that uses a breathable fabric to deliver skin loving essence! It hydrates, brightens and revitalizes the skin whenever it’s feeling dry or tired.These are some really amazing masks and I love using these beauties. My subscription is for the 4 masks each month. I use to get the 7 Lux plan, with 7 facial masks…so I wanted too try something different.If you have tried FaceTory, please share your thoughts on your favorite masks.

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