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Dollar Tree Haul

I’m a bargain hunter and being that I’m the freight manager at Dollar Tree, I was once a stocker and my aisle was Health Beauty Care (HBC), that’s when I get a chance too put out new products to fill up the shelves.

My favorite part is doing the makeup & skincare…which brings me too this post…the fun part about putting out stock is all the new products that I get a chance to get. I found some really cool stuff. When it came to skincare products…facial masks, eye masks, lip balm, eyeshadow…a little bit of everything.

Picked up the LA Colors Shadow By Number palette and ELF Lip Balm Tint First off, I love these kinds of palettes that helps you to place your shadows. Great for those whose just starting out.

This palette is called Extra Credit…there’s 4 shades to give you that ideal look…with instructions on the back as well as numbered shadows that’s very visible.

Next is the elf lip balm tint in shade berry. I couldn’t believe that dollar tree sold elf, but there’s stores that has more elf products than my store.

Miss Spa Hydrating Eye Treatment Deep Wrinkle Eye Patches I’m a sucker for good eye pads and when I saw these a girl had too try them out. For God sake they’re gold lol.

With caviar extract and sodium hyaluronate

Miss Spa Radiance Gold Cream Masks As you can see I’m all about skincare and I couldn’t let these slip by my hands. I’ve tried these before and loved the results. I picked up 6 of them.

Miss Spa Pore Minimizing Facial Peel Off Mask nothing like a good ol peel off mask to get that fresh glowing skin.

Cocoa & Shea Butter Treatment Mask these masks are a bestseller and for good reason. Hydration at it’s finest. Smells good too.

I’ve came to love this awesome brand…discovered them on Instagram and was shocked when I saw them at dollar tree. I picked these cause they have the benefits that I need for my skin. Yes To is a brand that delivers great products for every skin type. There has been some news about their grapefruit facial masks burning people skin…that was one I haven’t tried.

Find that you can really find some really cool products if you’re willing to take the time. Dollar Tree is a store with hidden treasures from health and beauty, food and everything in between.

When you get a chance head to your local dollar tree and find yourself some hidden treasures for only a dollar.

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