Aphrodite Jewelry

If there’s anything I love more than makeup, it’s jewelry…and I found an amazing brand that literally has some top quality pieces at reasonable prices.

APHRODITE is a company that is located in Germany and they are about showcasing your uniqueness with beautiful craftsmanship.

Came across Aphrodite on Instagram and became a brand ambassador, cause I absolutely love all their pieces. The piece I have is stunning and danity, which really goes well with everything from blue jeans to a cocktail dress…suits every occasion.

The “Endless Love” bracelet embodies boundless love.

The bracelet with small hearts will decorate a sweet and elegant look to the wrist.

Made of stainless steel, this skin-friendly bracelet gives a feeling of high-quality with a friendly price tag.

The combination of a loving message and elegant design makes the “Endless Love” bracelet a must-have for every woman and girl.
All bracelets are shipped in an individually made gift box, so be curious about what to expect when you unpack!

This bracelet costs $34.90 and comes in three colors…rose gold, silver and gold. Definitely looking forward too ordering a few more pieces for summer and start up my collection with beautiful Aphrodite.

If you’re interested in owning this or any of Aphrodite Jewellery, why not treat yourself to 15% off using code AMBASSOFBEAUTY

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